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01 Jan, 2017 1730 Views Author: root

The Difference between LED Light Sources

Nowadays, there are two main categories of LED light sources classified according the forms on the market, one is COB integrated light source directly combined of multiple chips, the other one is SMD made by a single LED light source pasted on the PCB.

Characteristics of light source:
There are both advantages and disadvantages between the two kinds of light sources. For COB integrated light source, the light-emitting surface is small, and light is more concentrated. It is packaged on a standard LED fixture, and has high requirements for cooling. Especially for some kinds of waterproof, antiseptic, oxidization-proof and explosion-proof LED luminaires which have high sealing requirements on the structure, it requires special treatment, in order to ensure the life.

Advantages of SMD light source is respectively uniform with wide illumination area. According to the LED chip cooling requirements, it is more convenient to expand the size of the aluminum substrate to ensure LED light source life. But with the same power, the SMD light source dimension is several times larger than COB integrated light source, so the external size of the lumninaire will be increased, especially in explosion-proof LED lighting industry, the luminaires become very bulky, which has challenged the cost of many lighting manufacturers. And it is the reason why LED lighting industry, especially for mining lamp, is more likely to use COB light sources.

Direction of development:
The technology and also processing technique of COB light source has been improving constantly, the product quality can meet the requirements of application. With the improvement of the consciousness of product quality, many manufacturers have introduced SMD LED light source products. And many users have begun to choose these kinds of products.

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