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07 May, 2022 40 Views Author: Saeed, Hamza

How does a Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber work

Environmental Chamber

An Environmental Chamber is defined as an enclosed space where environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can be controlled. Some chambers are also known for simulating corrosion by introducing salt spray into the chamber. The dimensions of these chambers may greatly vary depending on the type of product that will be tested.

Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Thermal Chamber, Temperature Humidity Chamber, Climate Chamber

Pre-installation Requirements

• Keep the indoor ambient temperature between 25 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.
• The machine maintains a distance of not less than 50 CM from the surrounding obstructions. It is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the machine.
• Install the air switch with a leakage protection function and match the specifications of the power switch on the machine.
• The wire diameter of the switching power cable is not less than the wire diameter of the machine’s power cable, and it must be grounded.

Equipment Installation

• Place the machine horizontally and tighten the foot cups of the machine at the 4 corners. Put a new gauze on the humidity sensor.
• Fix the sample holder on the rack of the machine, and the test product shall not block the circulating air outlet of the machine.
• The height position depends on the size of the sample. It does not exceed the air outlet of the circulating fan inside the chamber.
• Manually add water for the humidity test.
• Carefully read the supplied machine operating instructions.

Equipment Operation

• Push up the machine switch, and the machine is powered.
• Now, press the emergency stop switch on the control panel and power switch. Then, the controller display would start working.

Controller Operation

• The equipment comprises the temperature setting value column. The actual temperature value is displayed inside the chamber.
• Apart from that, a humidity setting value column is displayed.
• The controller has two modes of operation; the fixed setting and program setting.
• Please select the operating mode in the FIX and PRO column first.

Fix setting

For example,

• 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% RH humidity for 1 hour.
• Set 25 degrees Celsius in the main interface temperature SP column.
• Set 65 degrees Celsius in the main interfere humidity SP column.
• If you need to set the test time, click “main menu” and click “function and fix”.
• Click “time operation”, and use 1 hour.
• Return to the main menu.
• If you want to switch the operation mode during testing, you need to stop the machine first.
• The running curve of the machine can view the test data through the SD card and historical curve to facilitate the customer’s judgement and evaluation of product quality.
• You can select the skip and pause button when the program is running to run the best.

Program setting

For example,

• 25 degrees Celsius at 65% RH for 1 hour.
• 25 degrees Celsius at 85% RH for 1 hour.
• 25 degrees Celsius at 95% RH for 1 hour.
• Repeat this program 5 times.
• Click the main menu.
• Switch the operation mode to the program setting.
• Return to the main menu.
• Click the program setting.
• Click the pattern set.
• Segment 1: temperature set 25, humidity set 65.
• Segment 2: temperature set 25, humidity set 85.
• Segment 3: temperature set 25, humidity set 95.
• Time: 1 hour.
• Edit the pattern number to 1.
• Click repeat set.
• Start segment: click 1.
• End segment: click 3.
• Repeat times: 5.
• Click the operation screen.
• Pattern number: 1.
• Run the machine.
• Do not open the door to check the sample when the machine tests low temperature or high temperature and high humidity to avoid accidental injury.

Communication connection

Install the controller software on the computer.

• Use a communication line with the RS232 interface at both ends and realize the monitoring and control of the machine through the computer.
• You should maintain the high temperature and high humidity resistance.
• If the customer test sample needs to do the power test, the wires can be inserted from the hole into the inner chamber.
• An explosion-proof chain is present in the equipment. Please manually fasten the upper and lower chains.
• The purpose of this chain is to lock the door to prevent people from being harmed when the test sample explodes or other accidents during the test.

Operation Panel

• Power Switch: the switch was controlling the electric box loop system.
• Emergency Stop Switch: the switch controlling the whole electric box circuit system
• Lighting: to observe the test samples
• Low temperature and high-temperature tests indicate lights are also present.
• Door Electronic Lock: customer can manually input the password or unlock the key
• When the green light is on, the device door can be opened.

Daily Maintenance of the instrument

Keep the environment around the machine clean. In addition, regularly clean the condenser fins of the machine’s refrigeration system for better heat dissipation from the machine. Apart from that, regularly check the leakage function of the leakage switch. Press the reset button of the switch to check it. Clean the water cup of the machine water system regularly and check if the water pipe is blocked or not.

Fault handling of the instrument

When the machine fails, the controller will display the fault alarm content picture and a buzzer alarm sound. The machine stops running. The customer can follow the steps of the picture to remove the fault to eliminate the fault such as over-temperature and overpressure.

The motor is overloaded, and the water tank is short of water. When the customer can not solve the fault, contact LISUN’s customer support for further details. They will promptly reply, check and call or solve the problem on the spot without delaying the use and testing of the client.

Over Temperature

The over-temperature protector setting is too low; the general temperature is 10 degrees higher than the SP value.

Over Pressure

Press the reset button of the frozen overpressure protector to ensure the ambient temperature is around 25 degrees.

Motor Overload

• Press the AC contactor green reset button to recover. Check whether the fan is damaged or stuck.
• The water tank is short of water.
• If the water tank is short of water, manually add the water and reach the desired level.

Lisun Instruments Limited was found by LISUN GROUP in 2003. LISUN quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2015. As a CIE Membership, LISUN products are designed based on CIE, IEC and other international or national standards. All products passed CE certificate and authenticated by the third party lab.

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