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19 May, 2023 43 Views Author: Juliet Xia

Humidification method of Temperature Humidity Chamber

The application field of Temperature Humidity Chamber is very wide, so the established good market demand has great development space in the environmental test equipment industry. At present, the technical level of the high and low temperature humidity and heat test chamber is constantly breaking through with the development, especially its humidification method has been improved, from the initial steam humidification and shallow water plate humidification to the current water mist humidification.

The water mist humidification in the Temperature Humidity Chamber uses some advanced ultrasonic technology to produce uniform atomized water particles. After purification and temperature heating in the air, they enter the water vapor gasification chamber. After mixing with atomized water particles, the atomized water particles will vaporize after absorbing heat, and enter the test chamber through special pipes to complete humidification. Different methods of water mist humidification to form foggy water particles can be divided into ultrasonic method, high-pressure spray method and centrifugal spray method.


The water mist humidification method atomizes the water. This kind of fog absorbs heat and converts it into steam. Without heat, it condenses into water droplets. When the test object is hot, the fog will absorb heat to realize vaporization and increase the humidity in the test chamber. Water vapor will also release latent heat on the refrigeration evaporator and complete humidification through heat and mass exchange. The water mist humidification method has been applied to some test equipment and has received good feedback.

With the improvement of test requirements and technical level, the water mist humidification method will be further improved and applied. In the future environmental test equipment industry, the Temperature Humidity Chamber will certainly be one of the hot products. Therefore, we should strive to further improve the level of the test chamber.

Five principles for purchasing Temperature Humidity Chamber:
1. Reproducibility of environmental conditions for use in Temperature Humidity Chamber – it is impossible to completely and accurately reproduce the environmental conditions existing in nature in the laboratory. However, within a certain tolerance, people can accurately and approximately simulate the external environment experienced by engineering products in the process of use, storage, transportation, etc.

2. Repeatability of environmental conditions for the use of Temperature Humidity Chamber – one environmental test equipment may be used for multiple tests of the same type of product, and one engineering product under test may also be tested in different environmental test equipment. In order to ensure the comparability of the test results of the same product under the environmental test conditions specified in the same test specification, The environmental conditions provided by the environmental test equipment must be repeatable. That is to say, the stress level (such as thermal stress, vibration stress, point stress, etc.) applied by the environmental test equipment to the tested product is consistent with the requirements of the same test specification.

3. The measurability of the environmental condition parameters used in the Temperature Humidity Chamber – the environmental conditions provided by any environmental test equipment must be observable and controllable, which is not only to limit the environmental parameters within a certain tolerance range, ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of the test conditions, but also necessary for the safety of the product test, In order to prevent the uncontrolled environmental conditions from causing damage to the tested products and causing unnecessary losses.

4. Exclusivity of environmental test conditions for the use of Temperature Humidity Chamber – each environmental or reliability test has strict regulations on the category, quantity and tolerance of environmental factors, and excludes the infiltration of environmental factors not required by the test, so as to provide accurate basis for judging and analyzing product failure and failure modes during or after the test, Therefore, it is required that the environmental test equipment shall not add other environmental stress interference to the tested product in addition to providing the specified environmental conditions.

5. The safety and reliability of the Temperature Humidity Chamber – environmental test, especially the reliability test, has a long test cycle. The test object is sometimes military products of high value. During the test, the test personnel often have to operate around the site for inspection or testing. Therefore, the environmental test equipment must have the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use, long service life, etc, To ensure the normal operation of the test itself.

Temperature Humidity Chamber | Thermal Chamber | Climate Chamber is according to IEC60068-2-1 (GB/T2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2 (GB/T2423.2), IEC60068-2-78, IEC60598-1, GB/T2423.17, GB/T5170.2, GB/T5170.5. The climate chamber is used to test the CFL/LED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, automative cars, home appications and mobiles.

GDJS-015B Temperature Humidity Chamber | Thermal Chamber

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