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18 Mar, 2023 573 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Effect of low temperature on test piece in high and low temperature chamber

When the high and low temperature chamber  is in the low temperature state, different test materials will have different physical shrinkage phenomena, which may make the moving parts rotate inflexibly, or even cause mutual jamming, which may make some steel, plastic and other test samples brittle and brittle damage. If the test sample is similar to the rubber material, the low temperature will reduce the elasticity of the sample and increase its hardness. In the test chamber equipment, high temperature can also change the shape of plastic materials. When the temperature of the equipment is too low, the electrolyte will solidify, which may lead to electrolytic capacitors, batteries, etc. Failure to work normally, low equipment temperature will also increase the viscosity of lubricating oil, reduce the flow capacity, reduce the wetting function, increase the friction between moving parts, and even lead to condensation into ice, which not only affects the starting performance of the equipment, affects the normal starting of electronic equipment, but also leads to instrument error. In addition, the low temperature of the test box equipment will cause the insulation or sealing slurry of the electronic products to melt and the lubricating grease to melt, resulting in a series of damages. The high and low temperature test chamber will also aggravate the aging and deterioration of polymer materials and insulating materials, and shorten the service life of related products.


After analyzing the low temperature effect of the high and low temperature chamber, we try to avoid the test chamber being in the low temperature state, reduce its impact on the test object, and also avoid affecting the test effect of the equipment, because the test object has certain physical phenomena of thermal expansion and cold contraction, so the high temperature of the equipment will also have a certain impact on the test

The operator should always pay attention to the following problems of the high and low temperature chamber:
1. During the operation of the high and low temperature chamber, it is necessary to remove the sundries in the equipment. The test chamber equipment shall be operated in accordance with the correct process to ensure the correctness of operation and avoid misoperation affecting the accuracy of the test. There are two over-temperature protectors in the distribution box inside the equipment. Generally, do not debug them randomly. The manufacturer has already debugged the set value when the test value leaves the factory. The overtemperature protector is used to protect the heating pipe and humidification pipe from burning out and water shortage alarm. In addition, at the end of the test, you must wear heat-resistant, electric-resistant and dry gloves to take out the product. When taking out the test object from the chamber and during the opening and closing of the door, do not let the rubber edge on the door contact with the object, so as to avoid damaging the rubber edge and shortening its service life. I hope you do not ignore these details in the use of the high and low temperature chamber.

2. In addition, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the high and low temperature chamber. It is necessary to regularly maintain and clean the test chamber equipment. The bottom and surrounding of the high and low temperature chamber should be kept clean to prevent a large amount of dust from being sucked into the machine and affecting the test performance of the equipment. The cleaning of each part in the chamber shall be carried out according to the manufacturer’s formal process. The equipment shall be cleaned at least once a year. The dust inside the electrical room can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, and the outside of the test box can be cleaned with soap water. In addition, parts should be inspected regularly. If any fault is found, it shall be checked and repaired in time.

Temperature Humidity Chamber | Thermal Chamber | Climate Chamber is according to IEC60068-2-1 (GB/T2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2 (GB/T2423.2), IEC60068-2-78, IEC60598-1, GB/T2423.17, GB/T5170.2, GB/T5170.5. The climate chamber is used to test the CFL/LED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, automative cars, home appications and mobiles.

Effect of low temperature on test piece in high and low temperature chamber

Thermal Chamber

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