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24 Aug, 2020 961 Views

Why can’t the High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber be opened during it working

High and low temperature and humidity controlled chambers GDJS Series is according to IEC60068-2-1 (GB/T2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2 (GB/T2423.2). It is used to test the CFL/LED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, electronic components, material and so on. If you are interested in LISUN walk in environmental chamber price, pls. contact us free.

Many LED manufacturers have purchased high and low temperature & humidity chambers. Perhaps you are also wondering whether we can open the door of the high-low temperature & humidity chamber during it working? According to our engineer’s experience, the door of the high and low temperature & humidity chamber cannot be opened when it is working. Why is this? Let me analyze the following reasons for you:
• If an extremely low temperature test of -70℃ is being performed in the test box, open the test chamber door at this time, and the cold airflow will overflow the test chamber first. If our fingers touch the sample on the wall of the test chamber without any protection, it will Instant frostbite, the muscle tissue of the frostbite part may even die. In addition, opening the door of the test chamber at extremely low temperatures may cause frosting of the evaporator, which will affect the cooling rate, and may even cause problems such as damage to the compressor.
• If the door of the test chamber is opened during the test at a high temperature of 150℃ in the test chamber, the high temperature gas will instantly rush out of the test chamber. If the relevant protection is not done, it is very likely to burn our face. If there is a burning spot next to the test chamber Low combustibles may even cause fire.
• If the high-temperature and high-humidity test chamber is in progress in the test chamber, the pressure and steam in the instrument will be very large. If the door of the test chamber is opened at this time, high-temperature and high-humidity steam will also rush out of the test chamber. It may cause serious burns to the operator.

Therefore, during the operation of the test chamber, if it is not necessary to open the test chamber door, do not open the test chamber door; if it is necessary to open the test chamber during it working, pls. take relevant protective measures and use the correct method to open the test chamber door.

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