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05 Sep, 2023 52 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Testing 10kV Surge Generator with Surge Tester

What is a surge tester:
A surge tester is a device that produces high voltage and high current transient pulses to simulate a lightning strike and other sudden electromagnetic interference situations, to test and assess the tolerance and anti-interference of electronic equipment and power systems.

How does a surge tester work:
A lightning surge generator usually consists of a capacitor with a discharge switch and a discharge inductor. During the experiment, the capacitor is charged at a slow rate. When the capacitor is full, the discharge switch begins to conduct, releasing the charge on the capacitor into the discharge inductor at an extremely fast rate, producing very high voltage and current transient pulses.


Research and application of 10kv surge generator is an important subject in the field of power system reliability testing, and is also one of the main directions of power research that can be further investigated. This paper will focus on the research and application of the 10kv surge generator, investigat and how to construct a high reliability and safe 10kv surge generator, as well as the instrumentation and application technology used in actual power system reliability testing process.

10kv surge generator is the basis for the reliability testing of lightning surge protection devices of power systems, and it is an important instrument for laboratory, workshop and other power system reliability testing. Moreover, this instrument can also be used to test the lightning resistance of protective components such as thyristors under normal voltage, as well as the lightning discharge resistance of high voltage lines.

Research on 10kv surge generator should take the characteristics of random phenomena into full consideration, and use several hardware components and software algorithms to reasonably construct a high consistent and reliable generator, that is, a generator that can safely and reliably generate a stable lightning surge simulated signal to meet the testing requirements. Due to the special nature of lightning surge signal, it is currently still challenging to build such generator with expected performance.

Therefore, this paper will use multi-mode control technology to solve this problem, combined with the characteristics of corresponding meters, relays and components, and according to the test item requirements, a method for controlling the reliability of the generator is proposed. The design subject of the control instrument is DSP and FPGA chips, which have various on-board resources, fast processing capability for massive data, as well as highly effective interface with external meters, relays and other parts.

In addition, the implementation algorithm is easy to control, the calculation result is fast and reliable, and multi-mode control methods make it possible to adjust the internal parameters according to the performance indicators, so that it can better adapt to different test items and experimental environments. Finally, through this paper proposes multi-mode control technology to construct a 10kv surge generator with higher reliability, which can better meet the actual test and experimental requirements, and will be helpful to improve the reliability of the power system.

This paper further introduces the instruments and technologies applied to the actual test of the 10kv surge generator and its application in the insulation performance test, deeply discussing the control difficulties of the generator and how to construct a solid, reliable and qualified test generator with the latest technology, which is helpful to give full play to excellent working effect in the actual reliability test of the power system.

Due to the rapid development of power engineering nowadays and the performance of power equipment rising continually and the insulation performance becoming stronger and stronger, the corresponding changes happened to electrical equipment’s electric shock resistance performance, so the methods for electric shock resistance assessment and testing urgently need to be improved. China has been focusing on the research and improvement of power equipment for many years, making electric shock resistance testing a research focus.

The 10kv surge generator introduced here is mainly used to solve the detection of power equipment’s electric shock resistance. The whole set of instruments system simulates DC and AC power equipment with intense strength through the high-frequency transformer and transformer protection technology, consisting of buffering, amplification and voltage-stabilizing loop, with two simulators respectively used for simulating lightning surges and electrostatic discharge.

Besides, it has an independent control system, achieving automatic control. The working principle of the 10kv surge generator device aspects more than simulating lightning surges, and can also simulate electrostatic discharge. It is an assembly utilizing the synthetic signal technology and oscilloscopy technology, attenuating and distorting the signals and intensifying the output signals’ intensity used for electric shock resistance performance testing.The design of the simulator adopts programmable micro-processor technology, which can not only meet several kinds of wave forms’ demands, but also can make immediate changes to the simulated parameters to avoid being influenced by external disturbances, ensuring the simulator’s reliability.

The 10kv surge generator can simulate various complicated optical lightning surges and electric magnetic wave discharges of lightning, having uniform intensity’s electric shock resistance test voltage according to the DC stress diagram. By using this set to have electric shock resistance apparatus testing, the parameter of the generator can be changed according to the voltage resistance of the system in order to alter the voltages on demand as well as for the purpose of safety testing and controlling accuracy, making sure the accuracy and safety.

Therefore, it is extremely applicable to practical engineering tests. With the development of technology and power equipment, the 10kv surge generator came into being with such features like high reliability, high precision, strong safety and convenient operation, helping to test and inspect the safety of power equipment and secure public safety.

As a result, it has made substantial progress in the actual test of improving power equipment’s electric shock resistance, playing its potential of new technological development, and helping to elevate the safety and quality of electricity use, laying a solid foundation to the development of a novel power generating set.

The SG61000-5 is an automatic surge generator (also called lightning surge immunity test, combination wave generator, surge current generator/surge voltage generator, combined surge voltage and current generator) . 

Surge Generator SG61000-5

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