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28 Oct, 2022 808 Views Author: root

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

Testing purposes?
GB/T 17626.5-2008 / IEC 6100-4-5:2005  standards specify the immunity requirements of equipment to unipolar surges (impacts) caused by switching and lightning transient overvoltages. The purpose of this part is to establish a common benchmark for evaluating the performance of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to surges (shocks). The test methods specified in this section are used to assess the immunity of equipment or systems to specified phenomena.

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

surge generator

What is a surge?
A transient wave of current, voltage or power carried along a line or circuit characterized by a rapid rise and then a slow fall. The SG61000-5 fully automatic surge generator (also called lightning surge immunity test, combination wave generator, surge current generator/surge voltage generator, combined surge voltage and current generator) . 


The reason for the surge?
1. Power system switching transients
1) Main power system switching disturbances, such as switching of capacitor banks, instantaneous discharge or charging of capacitors;
2) Small local switching actions or load changes in the power distribution system;
3) Resonance phenomenon related to switching devices; resulting in an oscillating waveform of the voltage;
4) Various system faults, such as short circuit and arc fault of the equipment combination to the grounding system.

2. Lightning transient
1) Direct lightning strikes the external (outdoor) circuit, and the injected large current flows through the grounding resistance or external circuit impedance to generate voltage;
2) Indirect lightning (that is, the electromagnetic field generated by lightning strikes between clouds or in clouds or lightning strikes on nearby objects), which induces voltages and currents in buildings and outer conductors;
3) The lightning current that is directly discharged to the ground in the vicinity generates an induced voltage when it is coupled to the common grounding path of the combined grounding system of the equipment;
4) When the lightning protection device operates, the voltage and current may change rapidly and may be coupled to the internal circuit.

Test level
This level is the priority test level, which is standardized in this standard, and the specific test level can be changed according to the customer’s or own company’s standards.

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

Test Level

Test equipment/combination wave generator
1. Communication line
Requirements: Ports of symmetrical communication lines, using 10/700us combined wave generator;
2. Power cords, interconnecting wires
Requirements: Power cables and short-distance signal interconnects, use a 1.2/50us combined wave generator.
Specifies the output waveform applied to the EUT (equipment under test). The waveform is defined by the following two:

1.2/50us combined wave generator
1. Open circuit voltage;
Requirements: open circuit voltage wave front time 1.2us; open circuit voltage half-peak time 50us.
2. Short circuit current.
Requirements: short-circuit current wave front time 8us; short-circuit current half-peak time 20us.

1.2/50us combined wave generator principle:

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

working principle

Different device values were selected to generate a voltage surge of 1.2/50us (open circuit) and a current surge of 8/20us (short circuit condition).

10/700us combined wave generator
1. Open circuit voltage;
Requirements: open circuit voltage wave front time 10us; open circuit voltage half-peak time 700us.

2. Short circuit current:
Requirements: short-circuit current wave front time 5us; short-circuit current half-peak time 320us.

10/700us combined wave generator principle:

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

Working principle

Different device values were selected to generate 10/700us voltage surge (open circuit) and 5/320us current surge (short circuit condition).

Electronic Equipment Surge Test – Set Top Box
The external ports of the set-top box include:
1. Power port
2.Cable port
3.USB port
4. HDMI port
5. Network port
6. AV port

In order to prevent the external connection from damaging the set-top box, we need to do lightning/surge tests on the cable port, HDMI port, and network port, especially for DVB-C, the surge comes from the cable line, which may cause damage to the set-top box. The reason for the damage It is common to burn out the isolation device (isolated high-voltage capacitor) of the shield, or even burn out the Tuner chip of the set-top box, causing problems in the set-top box locking. The common ones are the failure of the locking and the serious decrease in sensitivity (mosaic). Therefore, the cable line input must be subjected to a surge test.

LAN port (network port)
The same is true for the network port. The network port belongs to the symmetrical line and interconnection line of the communication line, so it needs to be used for common mode and differential mode of the surge. The level depends on the company’s standards or customer requirements. Common mode means that all data ports are connected together, and then the unused ones are grounded to the center tap, and tested for lightning strikes; differential mode means that each pair of data lines is connected to the positive and negative, and then a certain combination of waveforms is used. After the test, see if it can ping , if it can’t pass, it means damage. The possible reason for the damage is that the CPU is directly knocked down; the network isolation transformer is also knocked down, so the quality of the network transformer needs to be better.

Due to the high voltage risk during the Surge Test, we suggest you to option choose the Protect Device for Surge Test PD-E01 to together work with Surge Generator SG61000-5 (The PD-E01 inside size is 30*30*30cm for EUT, other size need to special design).

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

Protect Device for Surge Test

We suggest you choose LISUN SG-DESK Surge Generator desk to work with SG61000-5 Surge Generator and Isolation Transformer.

Surge Generators For Telecom And IEC-61000-4-5 Testing

Surge Generator Desk

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