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01 Jul, 2016 1686 Views Author: root

What is the LED MCOB Package? The Difference between MCOB and LED COB Package

Now, the led COB package, in fact, we can know that most of the COB package, including Japan COB packaging technology, they are based on the package of in-board. There is N chips integrated inheritance packaged by the in-board, which is called COB technology.  We all know that the underlying substrate is a copper foil, it is only a good electricity, can not do a well optical processing.

MCOB is different with traditional one, MCOB technology is placed optical chip directly inside the optical cup, which is made according to the photometry. And it is not just a cup, but many cups, which is based on a simple principle. LED chip can concentrate inside the chip, to make light run out much more, and need a lot of angles, that means light mouth is much more and much better,  and can raise light efficiency, which is MCOB low-power package and high power package.

In any case, the efficiency of low-power package must be greater than 15% of high-power package. A high-power chip, the light area is only 4, but small chip is divided into 16, and the light-receiving area is 4 x 16, so the light-receiving area is bigger than it. Anyway, we improve the optical efficiency of 15%, that is, MCOB is not a cup, MCOB can find multiple cups also aim to make higher light efficiency. Because of multiple cups MCOB technology, the light efficiency is higher than now common COB will be reflected in the efficiency of the light.

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