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14 Nov, 2016 2031 Views Author: root

LPCE-3 Compact Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere System

As the basic test equipment to measure LED luminaries or other lighting product’s performance, the photometer & integrating sphere system has been used at lighting industry for many years. The first generation test instrument is photometer, then single-monochromator spectrocolorimeter, double- monochromator spectrocolorimeter and developed array CCD spectroradiometer in now days, the lighting testing equipment’s update speed and test precision have great progress in the past few decades. But no matter test speed or test accuracy have great progress or not, we still face a very big obstacle, that is too much trouble on the test instrument’s connecting, installing, calibrating and standard operating process for users first time to operate them, even if the user have full details wiring diagram and user’s manual. For fix this problem, Lisun Electronic Shanghai office engineer summaried many years experience and feedback from customer’s experience and promote a new innovative product LPCE-3 Compact Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere Test System. Although the compact product is common at others industry, but the LPCE-3 system is the first bold breakthrough in the lighting test equipment industry. Comparing with traditional lighting test equipment, this new system has following advantages:

1、As far as we know the traditional testing equipment included more than 95% modern testing equipment are decentralized, that is one system consist of several or dozens of sub-instruments or subsystems, this is request us must install and connect them very before operate these device. Actually, it’s easy to install and connect them for professional electrical engineer or have similar using experience before; but it’s much difficult for these new users even if they have wiring connect diagram and details user’s manual. But for LPCE-3 system, the innovation point at the manufacture’s engineer has already installed and connected all device, then load them into compact cabinet before delivery out factory. After uses received these device, just need connect the power supply, install the software on the computer, then can go to do calibrating and testing lighting products directly, it’s don’t have too many complicated procedure like traditional one. After confirmed everything is ok, then go to testing directly.

2、Comparing traditional device, the LPCE-3 system configuration have following advantages:

a.The IES-LM-79 9.1.4 chapter on the Energy Star has mentioned spectrometer presentation and selection, the array spectroradiometer have bigger advantage than mechanical scanning spectrometer and recommend by standard. The core device on the LPCE-3 system is LMS-7000 is belong to array spectroradiometer, it applied with TOSHIBA TCD1304DG linear CCD detector which have high testing speed; comparing with traditional photometer or single-monochromator, the LMS-7000 have good test accuracy and faster test speed, at the mean time, it’s included rich test software to meet varies of test demand which suitable to do test at LED manufacture’s laboratory and QC department on the production line.

b.This system included DC3003S DC Digital CC and CV DC Power Supply and LSP-500VAS AC Power Source are provide high stability output and low harmonic interference power supply, this can make sure achieve better test stability and accuracy; moreover, both AC & DC power supply are programmable function which can communicate with LMS-7000 spectroradiometer, that mean the LMS-7000 software can control all device, not need manual control which is high maneuverability and easy operation to suitable QC department test demand.

c. This system included IS-*MA-CASE New Design Integrating Sphere with Cabinet which applied with high reflectivity coating and produced by A Molding Technology to keep high test accuracy(External shape and inner wall of the sphere to make sure have better light reflection. The 9.2.1 chapter at Energy Star and 6.2.2 chapter at CIE127:2007 are have relevant requirement of integrating sphere choosing) New design with adjustable sample stage can test E27/E40 lamps, T5/T8/T12 tubes and all LED luminaires. The traditional integrating sphere consist of iron sheets and welding together, the inside wall of iron sheets has been coating spray with high reflectance BaSO4 materials, this way would be lead to uneven of sphere inner wall and caused loss lighting during test. Besides new designed holder base, this sphere has integrated a compact cabinet to load all these device together to looking beauty.

d. The last point and important is this system included a RLS-50W/RLS-100W auxiliary lamp to correcting self-absorption effect when testing big size LED luminaries, the 9.1.5 chapter at Energy and chapter at CIE127:2007 are mentioned use a Auxiliary Lamp to correct self-absorption effect. When EUT(tested lamp) have very big size of itself fixture have big size, the tested lamp itself will absorb part of the light more or less, this is require use a extra light source to fix this lost light, this is purpose of auxiliary lamp; considering this, the LMS-7000 software has considered it when to do developing and built this function, the customer can use it according to test demand. As far as we know most of lighting test equipment supplier don’t use auxiliary lamp as standard configuration and this will be cause bigger test error.

e. Comparing with traditional testing equipment with many years using experience, many people may don’t familiar with this new compact device or not accept it. In order to clear up this kind of worries, Lisun engineer send LPCE-3 system to SQI-Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research which is one of most famous third test laboratory and it’s accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005. After checked calibrate certificate, we can saw the LPCE-3 system test data is very close third lab device’s test data which from one of international famous America testing equipment supplier. This is proved that even if use compact device, we still can get good test accuracy and test stability.


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