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14 Jul, 2016 2593 Views Author: root

Difference between Electronic Ballast and Inductive Ballast

The ballast (resistor ballast) is a device for limiting the flow of sunlight and generating instantaneous high pressure. Following is some difference between the electronic ballast and inductance ballast.

1. Inductance Ballast is an iron core inductance coil, the inductance characteristic is when the current changes in the coil, the magnetic flux changes, resulting in the induction electromotive, its direction and current changes in the opposite direction, thus impeding the current changes. And usually used in fluorescent lamps.

2. Electronic ballast, is one kind of ballast, refers to the use of electronic technology driven electric light source, so that to produce required electronic equipment. Comparatively, is an inductive ballast (or ballast) Today fluorescent lamps more and more designed with electronic ballast, light and compact, and even can be integrated with electronic ballast and lamp, at the same time, the electronic ballast can have both the functions of the Rev. So, the individual Rev may be omitted.

3. Electronic ballast have much more features, such as improving the current frequency or current waveform (such as the use of a square wave) to improve or eliminate the flicker phenomenon of the fluorescent lamp. Some disadvantages of the traditional inductive rectifier are being replaced by the growing electronic ballast.

From the circuit:
1. Inductance Ballast with large power frequency inductance and starter, inductance in the power of the flash with the power to produce high voltage to light the tube, and then start the work of the device to stop working, inductance play a limited role. And now the general use of electronic ballast directly used in the principle of switching power supply of high voltage light tube, then there are inductors limiting, but because the frequency is high, the inductance is very small.
2. Inductance Ballast circuit is simple, and electronic is more complex.

From the effect:
1. Electronic is easy to start, and adapt to a wide range of voltage. While the inductance hard to start on the condition of the low voltage.
2. Electronic frequency is high, the lamp flashing can not be sensed, and the inductance is power frequency, can feel the flashing.
3. in the inductance of silicon steel sheet loose will have a sound, and the electronic time does not have this problem.
4. Inductance Ballast is more durable, not easy to break, and some electronic products, especially the low quality without warranty are easily to work wrong.

Electronic ballast has great advantage compared with traditional Inductive ballast, is gradually replacing the traditional inductive ballast lighting market. The main advantages are:
(1) Energy saving. The fluorescent lamp operating frequency is 50 Hz by Traditional inductive ballast. And the fluorescent lamps operating frequency is 30 ~ 50 Hz by electronic ballast. It is proved that fluorescent lamps operate at this frequency; brightness increased 14% operating at 50 Hz. That is when the fluorescent lamp reached the same light output, electronic ballast can transfer low output power to fluorescent lamp.
(2)The traditional inductive ballast with the power consumption is greater than the electronic ballast.
(3) Electronic ballast can greatly reduce the network load and power loss.

Requirements for starting conditions:
1. Temperature: inductive ballast start with low excitation energy, therefore, it is necessary to normally start at 10℃ , while the electronic ballast can even start at -25℃.
2. Voltage inductance ballast can not start when the power supply voltage is less than 180 V, the electronic ballast can normally start when the grid voltage is 100 V.

Influence on the tube life:
(1) Influence of start process on the tube life: inductive ballast need to start several times before the fluorescent lamp can be lighted and each time will shorten the 2h life. Electronic ballast, whether in low temperature or low voltage conditions, can start after filament preheating.
(2) Influence of the power network voltage fluctuation on the life of the lamp tube: when the lamp is working with the fluorescent lamp, the lamp current changes with the voltage of the electric network. When the power grid voltage is low, the lamp current decreases. Lamp current reduce will result in insufficient heating filament, filament electronic powder sputtering, resulting in both sides of the lamp blackening and shorten the life of the lamp tube. When the power supply voltage is high, the lamp current will increase which will result in the premature failure of the filament and the fluorescent powder and shorten the life of the lamp. Electronic ballast can do in the 135 ~ 250 V power grid voltage range, on changes on lamp current so that the fluorescent lamp is always working in the best condition, thence greatly improving the life of the lamp.

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