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27 Dec, 2015 2095 Views Author: root

AC and DC Power Supply Introduction

Power supply is the device to change other forms of energy in to electric energy. Power supply products are widely applied in industry automation control, military equipment, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, computers, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instruments, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heat and other fields. There are two common types of major categories: AC power supply and DC power supply.

Lisun LSP-500VA AC Power Supply adopts AC-DC-AC frequency conversion technology. Output frequency range: 45~65.00HZ. Input voltage range: AC 220V±10%, 50/60HZ. Output voltage range: AC 0.0~300.0V. Controlled and tested by 16 bits MCU, which has high automation. High speed 12 bits A/D sampling technology, exactly display voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency. Digital wave synthesis, wave feed-back technology, low power distortion. Total voltage distortion: ≤0.6%; voltage stability: ≤0.1%/30 min. LSP-500VA output power is 500W. LSP-500VAR has RS-232 port which can communicate with PC with low harmonic and high accuracy. The output power of this kind of AC Power Supply can also be 1KW and 2KW, please contact Lisun salesman to learn more details.

AC and DC Power Supply Introduction

Lisun LSP-5KVA PWM Type AC Power Supply adopts IGBT MPWM Pulse Duration Modulation. Input: 1 phase 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±5%. Output voltage: 1) HIGH/LOW Adjustable; 2) 1 phase voltage range: (HIGH) 0~300V, (LOW)0~150V; 3)Normal voltage: +10%~+25%, -10%~-30%. Output frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ, adjustable between 45~70HZ, 400HZ. Built-in over load, short circuit, over voltage, over current, over temperature protective and alarm devices.

AC and DC Power Supply Introduction

Lisun DC series Digital CC and CV DC Power Supply are with high stability and high accuracy. The voltage and current can be adjustable and simple operation. They are suitable to supply DC power for the standard lamp and the large power LED. Other voltage and current DC power supply can be designed according to customer’s request. Voltage and current value can adjust from zero to rated value continuously, constant voltage and constant current can converse automatically.

Lisun AC Power supply and DC power supply are widely applied to Luminaries manufacturing enterprise and lab, such as Sharp Electronics in Memphis TN (USA), CS TECH MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico), DORADO Praha s.r.o. (Czech) etc. The reason why Lisun can win some many customers is because we always practice the motto of right products, right price and right service. Lisun will continue feedback good quality products and superior service in the feature.


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