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07 Mar, 2016 1509 Views Author: root

UV Aging Test Chamber Introduction

UV aging test chamber is suitable for the aging test of non-metallic materials resistant to sunlight and artificial light. Light source adopts eight UV fluorescent lamps that rated power is 400W as a light source. UV fluorescent tubes are distributed on sides of chamber, every side has four (There are UVA-340 and UVB-313 light source for users to select the configuration).

UV aging test chamber is to simulate lighting; it specially simulates products long-term placement in the outdoors. It just takes a few days or weeks to simulate the damage resulting by ultraviolet in sunlight, which takes a few months or years in outdoors. To check whether the products have fading phenomenon, chaseleon phenomenon, brightness decreased, powder phenomenon, cracking phenomenon, fuzzy phenomenon, embrittlement phenomenon, strength loss and oxidation phenomenon; it can also reproduce the destruction of rain and dew at the same time. UV aging test chamber does the test by placing the samples exposed on the interaction of controlled sun and moisture, at the same time increase the temperature. (Adopt UV fluorescent lamps to simulate the sunlight, at the same time simulate the moisture influence by condensation or spraying method).

Ultraviolet (UV) is only 5% of the sunlight, but it is the main illumination to cause the durability decreased of outdoor products. There are several UV lamps to choose. In most instances, you only need to simulate short-wave UV light. Most of these UV lamps mainly produce UV, not visible or infrared light.  The main difference of lamps is the UV total energy produced in each wavelength range. Different lamps can produce different test results. The actual exposure application environment can prompt what type of UV lamp should be used.

UVA-340 is the best choice to simulate UV of sunlight. UVA-340 can wonderfully simulate the sunlight spectrum in critical short wavelength range, which is 295~360nm spectrum. UVA-340 only produces UV wavelength spectrum that can be found in sunlight.

UVB-313 is used in maximum degree accelerated test. UVB-313 can quickly provide test results.


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