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20 Mar, 2020 2226 Views Author: LISUN

IK01-10 IK Level Tester is Designed According to IEC 60068-2-75: Tests- Test Eh: Hammer tests.

The full name of IEC 60068-2-75 is Environmental testing-Part 2-75: Tests- Test Eh: Hammer tests. It has been prepared by IEC technical committee 104:Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test. We will introduce the IEC 60068-2-75-1 Scope

The following is the original content of IEC 60068-2-75-1.

IEC 60068-2-75-1 Scope

This part of IEC 60068 provides three standardized and coordinated test methods for determining the ability of a specimen to withstand specified severities of impact. It is used, in particular, to demonstrate an acceptable level of electrotechnical items. It consists of the application to the specimen of a prescribed number of impacts defined by their impact energy and applied in the prescribed directions.

This part of IEC 60068 covers energy levels ranging from 0.14J (joules) to 50J(joules).

Three types of test apparatus are applicable to perform these tests. Annex C provides some guidance to this aspect.

Here is the IK level test (Impact Protection) rating table:





















LISUN designed the Spring Impact Hammer IK Level Tester for IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05 and IK06 test. LISUN also designed the IK Level Tester for IK07, IK08, IK09 and IK10 test. All the equipment are designed according to the IEC standard. Because most of luminaires manufacturers are requested to do IK level test. We can also design other kinds of level tester according to the customers’ requires.

Degrees of protection against external mechanical impacts:

The following is the picture of IK01-10 IK Level Tester
ik level test


The following is the video of IK01-10 IK Level Tester

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