The U.S. Government issued her LED test standards IESNA-LM-79-08. This approved method is a guide developed for the measurement of Solid State Lighting (SSL) products such as LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, LED Down Light, LED Ceiling Light, LED Par Light, LED Tube, LED Module and so on. The most of LED fixtures manufactory use the Integrating Sphere to do the color and photo parameters test. But considering to the SSL’s feature is not like a light source, it requests a goniophotometer to do the test. According to CIE121-1996, the following two goniophotometers are recommend:

1. LSG-1800 is a goniophotometer which rotates the luminaire around two mutually Perpendicular axes whose intersection is the photometric centre of the goniophotometer. This type of goniophotometer is normally used with a single photometer head positioned at an adequate distance from the centre

2. LSG-2000 is a goniophotometer in which the luminaire does not move at all. The photometer head rotates around two mutually perpendicular axes whose crossing is the photometric centre of the goniophotometer

The Goniophotometer LSG-1800 and LSG-2000 measured data match with international standard form (IES) and can be applied for lighting design by other lighting design software such as Dialux.

The test report shall list all significant data for each SSL product tested together with performance data. The report shall also list all pertinent data concerning conditions of testing, type of equipment, SSL products and reference standards. LISUN GROUP developed Goniophotometric System and Spectrophotometer & Integrating Sphere Test System to meet the request of Energy Star test standard.

About LISUN GROUP: it is lead in CFL and LED test instruments, main products are EMC Test System, Electronic Ballast Tester, Magnetic Material Analyzer, Spectrophotocolorimeter, Goniophotometer, Safety Tester for lighting fixtures, LED Testing and CFL test instruments.

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