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18 Jul, 2016 1901 Views Author: root

How to Choose the Right LED Lighting with Appropriate Color Temperature?

Different color temperature will give us a different feeling. In a different environment with the same brightness, the object’s color we can see will be a great difference. It is not difficult for us to find that there are different colors when we go to different places. There are also different color temperatures in different environment, which will also bring us a different mood. In commercial establishments, we shall provide customer a different feeling according to the offered service, so as to achieve the ideal results.

Today many people will make mistakes of choosing the highest brightness LED lightings, which may affect the operations of commercial products. Here we can refer to the appropriate color temperatures in several places.

Household Appliances Area: Color temperature is 5000-5500K. Most appliances’ color is light, and gives a clean, high-grade lines and bright feel.

Food Area: 3000-3500K. This color temperature can cause the appetite, thereby increasing food sales.

Children’s Products Area: 2500-3000K. Children are lively. The color temperature should be consistent with the psychological characteristics of children, so that it can quickly lead to their desire of possession.

Commodity Area: 4500-5000K. Most buy commodity is women. Generally they are more emotional when buying children goods, clothing, and cosmetics, and their desire to buy is usually by accident. However, they appear to be more rational when buying commodity. When the color temperature is too high, they will more easily to hesitate. And it is not conducive to generate associations of buying groceries either when it is too low.

Hospital: Generally for mental illness wards, it should be based on a high color temperature, such as: 5000-5500K. In other wards 4000-4500K color temperature of natural light is appropriate. Clinic usually is 5000-5500K, which to calm patients, and make them to trust the doctor and cooperate with doctor’s examination and treatment.

Factory Workshop: For the extremely detailed work with the eyes using particularly, or work which is more easily to get tired, 4500-5000K which closes to daylight is more suitable. Other can be a little high, such as: 5000-5500K.

Offices and Meeting Rooms: Usually is 5000-5500K. Reception room shall be 4000-4500K, which will be easier for guest and host to interact and communicate smooth.

Shopping Mall: 3500-4500K. Different areas should be equipped lamps with different color temperatures. Reasons: This color temperature is natural and lively. It can cause people’s desire to buy. Also the color in reflection of goods will give a comfortable feeling and make people rest assured.

School: classrooms, library, science laboratory is recommended as 4500-5000K. Reasons: Schools need quiet and serious environment, but also need it to be lively; students need to use eyes frequently and should be concentrated; now the general fluorescent tubes are 6000-6500K, the glare of which will affect the eyesight of students; most of the time, students are living in the classroom, they will feel depressed if the color temperature is too cool, which is not good for cultivating students’ creative ability. Moreover, school’s art classrooms should be 3000K – 4500K, which will help students to be active and cultivate creative thinking.

Above is the basic knowledge of LED color temperature. And I believe that now we are clear enough about the value of color temperature when buying LED luminaires. Therefore, Lisun developed LPCE-2(LMS-9000) Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer LED Testing System, for identifying the performance of single LEDs and LED lamps. According to CIE127-1997, IES LM-79-08 and IES LM-80-08, it recommends to using an array spectroradiometer with integrating sphere to test SSL products. The LPCE-2(LMS-9000) also can do the LED optical maintenance test such as Flux VS time, CCT VS time, CRI VS time, Power VS time and so on which is meet LM-80. It can test LED lamps for CCT, CRI, Spectrum, Lumen, lumen efficient, power, power factor, current and voltage and so on which is meet LM-79, so as to provide the best solution for LED manufactures.

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