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27 Oct, 2016 1905 Views Author: root

EN62471 Photobiological Safety Test

IEC/EN 62471 is to assess relative optical radiation safety of different lamps and lamp system. It fully replaces IEC/EN60825 regarding the requirements of LED products energy level and adds the requirements of photobiological, including spectral irradiance and spectral radiance. According to the test data, it classify the hazard level of the products, including exemption level, low hazard level, middle hazard level and high hazard level. The EU part of standard EN62471:2008 is executed dated on 1st, Sep 2009. LED part of EN60825 is completed invalid dated on 1st, Sep 2010.

EN62471 is suitable for all lamps and lamp systems except laser. Single wavelength laser is easy to test. Ordinary lamp may be a broadband light source because of luminous body, diffuser, lenses and auxiliary devices. Test wavelength range is 20nm~3000nm.

Test Object:
1. Actinic UV skin and eye;
2. UVA eye (315~400nm);
3. Retinal Blue-light;
4. Retinal Blue-light small source;
5. Retinal thermal;
6. Retinal thermal-weak visual stimulus (780~1400nm);
7. Infrared radiation eye (780~3000nm);
8. Thermal skin (380nm~3000nm)

Lisun Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is lead in lighting test equipment, EMI/EMC test system and safety test instrument. Lisun LED Radiation Safety Test has three models: EN62471-A (200~800nm), EN62471-B (200~1500nm) and EN62471-C(200~3000nm). Its quality system has been strictly certificated by ISO9001:2008. The Lisun Group products have been authenticated by the third party lab and were by CE certificate. As a CIE supportive membership, all of the test instruments produced by Lisun Group were designed according to CIE standards.


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