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23 Jun, 2022 12 Views Author: LISUN

IPX9K test introduce in IEC 60529 and it’s application

What is the test standard in IEC 60529?
IEC 60529 conformance test is a popular entrance protection test standard. Entrance protection determines the ability of the chassis to protect its contents. Entrance test is applicable to solids and liquids. The protection level is called IP code.

IP is the abbreviation of ingress protection. IP grade refers to the protection grade of electrical equipment shell against foreign matters. The source is IEC 60529, which was also adopted as the American national standard in 2004 In this standard, for the protection of electrical equipment shell against foreign matters, the format of IP grade is ipxx, where XX is two Arabic numerals. The shell protection test is mainly used to assess the reliability of shell protection of various electrical products and seals under various harsh environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, water or diving, so as to verify whether the working performance of products and components will be damaged, At the same time, it also provides corresponding protection requirements for human body to prevent contact with dangerous parts.

IP is the abbreviation of ingress protection, which means the internationally recognized protection level The IP protection level is generally composed of two numbers or supplementary letters: the first number indicates the level of solid prevention, and the second number indicates the level of waterproof entry The larger the number, the higher the degree of protection.

IP class

Ipx9k, it is can withstand the cleaning of high-pressure and high-temperature water / steam while completely preventing the invasion of dust, and the equipment can still operate normally It is divided into two test chambers: “ip6x dust proof test chamber” and “ipx9k water proof test chamber”, which are designed and manufactured according to the enclosure protection level (IP code) in IEC60529, iso20653, din40050-9 and other test standards. It is suitable for electrical products to carry out the protection level test with the first characteristic number of “ip6x” and the second characteristic number of “ipx9k“.


Ipx9K waterproof grade requirements:
0. No protection no special protection;
1. Prevent dripping water from invading and prevent vertical dripping water;
2. Dripping water can still be prevented when the electrical equipment is tilted 15 degrees;
3. Prevent the sprayed water from invading, rain water, or water sprayed in the direction with a vertical angle of less than 50 degrees;
4. prevent splashing water from invading, and prevent splashing water from all directions from invading;
5. Prevent the intrusion of big wave water, and prevent the intrusion of big wave or water rapidly ejected from the spray hole;
6. To prevent the intrusion of large waves into the water, the electrical equipment can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment under the condition of a certain time or water pressure;
7. To prevent water intrusion, the electrical equipment can be submerged indefinitely, and the normal operation of the equipment can still be ensured under certain water pressure;
8. Preventing the effects of sinking;
9. 9K can be cleaned by high-pressure / steam jet, and the high-pressure water (more than 80) / steam applied to any direction of the product shell should have no harmful effect.

Corresponding reference standards for ip69k protection level test, IEC60529 applied to the protection classification (IP) code of electrical enclosure, ipx9k waterproof test parameters:
1. water pressure: 8~10mpa;
2. water flow: 14 ~ 16l/min;
3. water temperature value: rt~80 ± 5;
4. test time: 30s (time can be set), 120s in total for 4 angles;
5. angle of water spray ring: 0 °, 30 °, 60 °, 90 °;
6. number of spray holes: 4;
7. spraying distance: About 100mm ~ 150mm;
8. water spray angle: the included angle of water hammer of water spray is about 30 °;
9. rotating speed of sample table: 5 ± 1r/min;
10. load bearing of sample table: ≤ 15kg;
11. operation time control: 1min ~ 9999min (adjustable);
12. test water: pure water, recyclable;
13. water spray pressure gauge can display water spray pressure.

Therefore, Lisun Launched the JL-9K1L High Temperature & Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber is according to IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2:2013 《Degrees of protection provided by enclosures(IP Code)》GB4208DIN40050-9GB7000.1ISO20653 and VW80000 for protection level IPX9K testing. It is a waterproof test machine designed for vehicle spare parts, electrical and electronic industry, to simulate natural environment or human factors.

The both interior and exterior material of this chamber is high quality stainless steel, big glass observation window and elegant appearance. The turntable and spray lance adopt imported motor, and the rotation speed is adjustable.

JL-9K1L High Temperature Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber

Lisun Instruments Limited was found by LISUN GROUP in 2003. LISUN quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2015. As a CIE Membership, LISUN products are designed based on CIE, IEC and other international or national standards. All products passed CE certificate and authenticated by the third party lab.

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