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23 Mar, 2022 274 Views Author: root

How does IPX9K waterproof test chamber operated

JL-9K1L High Temperature & Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber is according to IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2:2013 《Degrees of protection provided by enclosures(IP Code)》GB4208DIN40050-9GB7000.1ISO20653 and VW80000 for protection level IPX9K testing. It is a waterproof test machine designed for vehicle spare parts, electrical and electronic industry, to simulate natural environment or human factors.

JL-9K1L High Temperature Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber

Test Preparation
Before the test, please do the following preparations:
• Three-phase 380V 50HZ power supply.
• Water supply with pressure (suggested purified water).
• Draining tank or dedicated drain box.

Draining tank or dedicated drain box

1. Connect three phase 380V power supply. (Three phase power supply, pay attention to distinguish fire line, zero line, ground wire).
2. Connect the water supply system. (need to be with water pressure, recommend to use pure water.)
3. Drain tap is connected to the drainage system. (Normally keep closed during the normal test).

drainage system

4. Loosen the screws and take out the wiring plugs.
5. Insert the input cable of the sample from the bottom seal and attach the wire to the plug. Then lock the screw and lock the bottom seal.

adjustment for the water beam pressure

We always do the adjustment for the water beam pressure before delivery. If you want to confirm or adjust the pressure, please open the door and install the pressure calibration device on the turntable.
1. Note that the probe piece of the pressure calibration device must be perpendicular to the calibrated nozzle.
2. Connect communication line.

After closing the door, enter the HM Surface of the touch screen for calibration. Firstly, click on <Force calibration pressure Zero Reset> Then click on the <90 degrees sprinkler> Button + <pump switch>Button). Observe the reading on the touch screen. If the reading is 0.9~1.2N, the pressure is acceptable. You can remove the pressure calibration device and prepare for the test.

HM Surface of the touch screen for calibration

1. If the pressure reading is too large, you need to reduce the value of the manual frequency by 0.1 or 0.2 each time.
2. If the pressure reading is too small, you need to increase the value of the manual frequency by 0.1 or 0.2 each time
3. When the pressure meets the requirements, the value of the reference frequency is changed to the value equal to the manual frequency.
4. Click on the “Water Pump Switch” + “90° Spray Head” to remove the pressure calibration device. Install the sample and start the test.

Operation Steps

Fix the tested object on the stage and fix the test position of the sprinkler.

Fix the tested object

Fix the tested object

1. Adjust 30°, 60° to fix the distance of the nozzle.
2. Adjust the position of the 0 degree nozzle.
3. Adjust the height of the turntable (corresponding to the distance of 90 degree nozzles).
Then enter the Test Parameter, set the Spray Time (30 seconds), sprinkler Interval (10 seconds), Temperature Setting (80 C), Turntable Speed (5r / min) and other test parameters.

Test Screen

Finally enter the Working Interface and start the experiment. Note press down the “Heating” button first, and the test is not started until the water temperature reaches the set temperature (the test should be kept open by heating). And before each test starts, you must press the Zero Reset button.

Working interface

After the test, please check the samples according to IEC60529 -2013 to determine if they are qualified.


How do you guarantee the impact force from 0.9 N to 1.2 N of your spray nozzle? Do these devices have cells to measure the impact? or how is it done?

1. Don’t have a calibrate set for the water pressure. LISUN IPX9K test equipment already calibrate before delivery. But we also attached a water pressure calibrator set which produced as the standard requirements. ou can use that calibrator set to calibrate the water pressure. We also have a 1N weight. You can use the 1N weight to calibrate the “water pressure calibrator set”. So you can easy to send out to calibrate the 1N weight some years later.

Fan jet nozzle dimensions

2. The Nozzle didn’t full meet the standard. The standard required R=0.75+/-0.01, R=1.5+/-0.005 and 2.34+/-0.06 (see the attachment), there is no company can produce such high accuracy nozzle in the whole China, LISUN produced 500sets of Nozzle in Japan in 2012 years, all the specificated size can get the CNAS Calibrate certificate (see attachment).

Fan jet nozzle resulting dimensions of spraying holes for checking purpose

3. The JL-9K1L waterprood test system is equipped with turntable. It is necessary to use ropes to fix the tested objects to assist to complete the test . Set up for measuring the impact force of he water jet for determining the protection against high pressure and temperature water jet, degree of the protection against ingress of water IPX9 test.

fix the tested objects to assist to complete the test

Notes during your operation

1. Forbidden to use the power outside the prescribed frequency.
2. When testing, wear high insulation shoes or adopt other insulation methods to prevent leakage.
3. The machine must ensure good grounding when working.
4. Do not use if the power cord or power plug is damaged or the plug is not securely inserted into the socket.
5. Do not touch the power cord when wet hand. Be careful not to damage the power cord.
6. Do not put foreign objects in the cabinet, keep it dry and clean. Do not open the door of the electric box for non professionals.
7. When testing, the test objects must be placed firmly.
8. Any abnormal condition occurs when the machine is working, and press the “emergency stop” switch immediately.
9. If the test is not done for a long time, the water in the tank should be emptied.
10. Do not open the door when testing.


Lisun Instruments Limited was found by LISUN GROUP in 2003. LISUN quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2015. As a CIE Membership, LISUN products are designed based on CIE, IEC and other international or national standards. All products passed CE certificate and authenticated by the third party lab.

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