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31 Mar, 2024 56 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Experimental Principle of High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber

The high and low temperature thermal shock chamber has a large testing space and is a batch or electronic and electrical component for industrial manufacturers and material research. It can be used as electronic, electrical components, automation components, semi-finished products, metals, chemical materials, communication components, defense industry, aerospace, and PCB based electronic chips for material research and industrial manufacturers;

The degree of tolerance under continuous temperature changes of instantaneous high and low temperatures, and the chemical changes and physical injuries caused by thermal expansion and contraction under rapidly changing temperature difference conditions.

Rapid changes in temperature difference in high and low temperature thermal shock chambers:

1. The product has a beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology, excellent material selection, simple operation, and reliable equipment performance.


2. Double chamber hanging basket structure, the upper high temperature chamber, the lower low temperature chamber, the impact mode is the high temperature chamber, the low temperature box stops, through suspension and up and down movement, the test piece is quickly moved into the high temperature chamber to realize the cold and hot impact test.

3. The measuring device used is a large human-machine dialogue type human-machine interface controller with a Chinese and English LCD screen, which can set various complex programs. The program settings adopt human-machine dialogue, which is easy to operate, easy to learn, stable and reliable.

4. Adopting advanced circulating air design, the indoor temperature is uniform, avoiding any dead corners; Perfect safety protection devices to avoid any safety hazards and ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment.

The experimental principle of a high and low temperature thermal shock chamber:

The high and low temperature thermal shock chamber is composed of seven parts: a high temperature chamber, a low temperature storage chamber, a test box body, a control system, a heating system, a refrigeration system, and a drainage system.

High temperature chamber: The central controller detects the real-time signal from the temperature sensing element, compares it with the set temperature signal, and obtains a comparison signal. The PID logic circuit of the instrument outputs a signal to control the conduction or shutdown time ratio of the solid-state relay, and adjusts the output power of the heater to achieve automatic temperature control.

Low temperature chamber: The temperature status inside the chamber is determined by the working status of the heater, evaporator, and fan in the air duct. After being throttled by the expansion valve, the refrigerant flows into the evaporator in the working chamber, absorbs the heat in the working chamber and vaporizes, causing the temperature of the working chamber to decrease; The vaporized working fluid is sucked in by the compressor and compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which enters the condenser and condenses into a liquid,

After undergoing a screening program and being throttled through an expansion valve, it enters the evaporator in the studio again to absorb heat and vaporize before being sucked in and compressed by the compressor. Working in such a reciprocating loop, the temperature of the studio drops to the set temperature requirement

Impact temperature testing room: The instrument automatically controls the high and low temperature air valves, switches between low temperature or high temperature storage rooms, and forms a closed circuit air circulation system with the high temperature chamber or low temperature chamber, quickly reaching the target temperature of the test.

The temperature status inside the test chamber is determined by the working status of the heater, evaporator, and fan in the air duct. The forced axial flow “dispersed” loop air is used in the laboratory chamber to work, which can greatly improve the fluctuation, uniformity and other parameters of equipment operation.

The performance indicators of the high and low temperature impact test chamber are as follows:

The accuracy is reflected by the difference between the set value and the actual detection value. The common point is the uniformity and fluctuation of the chamber body. The “mid test” uses high and low temperature resistant circulating fans in both high and low temperature areas, with internal temperature cycling. No matter how uniform the temperature is, it will not exceed ± 3 ℃, and the fluctuation of the chamber body is ± 0.5 ° C (when the impact stabilizes and returns to the stable chamber at constant temperature).

The technical indicators for weighing the functions of the high and low temperature thermal shock chamber include impact activity, temperature conversion speed, accuracy, etc.

High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber can be used in the temperature shock test and fast-changing temperature test in a wide range such as aviation, air space, electronic components and material research.

HLST-500T has two separate chambers: high temperature chamber and low temperature chamber.

Experimental Principle of High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber

HLST 500D High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber


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