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16 Mar, 2023 14 Views Author: LISUN

Composition and introduction of dustproof test chamber

What are the types of dustproof test chamber and their meanings
The dustproof test chamber is divided into 1-6 categories, including IP1X dust test ball, IP2X dust test finger, IP3X dust test probe, IP4X dust test line and ip56x dust test box.


Among them, their meanings respectively indicate that IP1X represents dust prevention level 1, and the test tool for preventing spherical objects with diameter of 50mm from entering the shell completely; IP2X refers to dustproof grade II, which prevents the spherical object with diameter of 12.5mm from entering the light completely; IP3X indicates that the dust prevention level is Class III, and the test tool with a diameter of 2.5mm is completely prohibited from entering the shell; IP4X indicates that the dust prevention level is level 4, preventing solid foreign matters with diameter not less than 1.0mm from entering the room; IP5X indicates that the dust level is 5, and the amount of dust entering the equipment shall not affect the normal operation of the equipment, and shall not affect the safety, while ip6x indicates that the dust level is 6, and there is no dust entering.

What is the structure of the dustproof test chamber?
It is the equipment structure composed of window, power switch, window, wiper handle, flowmeter, emergency stop pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve, temperature control meter and touch screen. Of course, different equipment may have different parts, but they are also very similar.

Working principle of dustproof test chamber:
The centrifugal fan is the main energy to make the dust move. The high operation of the fan blade causes the dust to enter the dust duct due to the centrifugal force of the fan blade. The wind speed entering the pipe is generally more than 7.5m/s (too low wind speed will cause dust to settle in the pipe and cause the test pipe to fail to work). The dust pipe is sprayed into the test chamber from above and passes through the sample at a speed of>2 m/s. The lower part of the sand and dust test machine is funnel type, so it can make the precipitated dust slide into the lower part of 72 × 50um filter screen. Through the vibration of the vibrating motor, the dust smaller than the diameter of the filter mesh is sucked in by the centrifugal fan for such reciprocating circulation.

Vacuum pumping principle of dustproof test chamber:
Connect the sample with the suction pipe, start the vacuum pump, adjust the flow required by the manual valve, and the air inside the sample enters the dust filter through the suction pipe. The filter core can be removed to purge impurities, and the filtered air is discharged by the pressure gauge, flow meter and vacuum pump.

What are the measuring parameters of the dustproof test chamber?
The parameters to be measured are the dust concentration, time test, dust spraying time, pressure indication and other parameters that can be measured. This measurement parameter is somewhat different, mainly according to the user’s measurement requirements for the instrument.

Features of dustproof test chamber:
1. With the function of dust dehumidification, the circulating air duct is equipped with a stainless steel finned heating tube, which is powered on when necessary to heat the air in the air duct, so that the air temperature increases and its relative humidity decreases, the air saturation degree decreases, and the moisture absorption capacity is strengthened. The air will continuously absorb the moisture in the dust, effectively avoiding dust agglomeration.
2. Touch screen This controller has the following arbitrary setting control functions, including dust blowing time, test time, etc.
3. Air circulation system: dust blowing and circulating air pipes are set at the bottom of the box. The outlet of the air pipe is connected to the top of the test box. The dust recovery funnel at the bottom of the box is connected to the air inlet of the blower. The air flow in the test space is vertical. Air flow, dust and air flow are mixed in the test space for forced circulation.

What standard requirements should the dustproof test chamber meet?
1. In order to ensure that the space of the test chamber filled with dust is fully circulated, the cross section of the test piece shall not exceed half of the cross section of the test chamber, and the volume of the test piece shall not exceed 30% of the effective volume of the test chamber.
2. The test chamber shall be equipped with appropriate devices to maintain and check the dust concentration in the test chamber. At present, China generally uses the weighing method to measure the dust concentration.
3. During the test, the wind speed, temperature and relative humidity shall be measured continuously. The measuring sensor shall be placed to avoid the damage caused by the direct impact of dust on the air quality. If necessary, some protective devices can be added.
4. For dustproof test box, dust removal is one of the key technologies for manufacturing dust collector. Therefore, the sealing performance is better, and the dust removal amount should meet the relevant environmental protection standards, and will not cause harm to human health.
5. The dust flow in the dustproof test chamber should be close to the laminar flow, and then act on the test piece, and the sand particles are roughly evenly suspended in the air flow. Sand is not allowed to flow through fans and air conditioning equipment due to its serious corrosion characteristics.
6. The dust box shall have heating, cooling and dehumidification functions to ensure that the temperature and relative humidity of the test box meet the technical requirements. The inner wall material of the dust box shall be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-static.

Please pay attention to these matters before using the dustproof test chamber:
1. It is forbidden to use power supply other than the specified frequency;
2. During the test, wear shoes with high insulation or other insulation methods to prevent electric leakage;
3. The machine must be well grounded when working;
4. Do not use when the power cord or plug is damaged or the plug cannot be firmly inserted into the socket;
5. Do not touch the power cord when your hands are wet. Be careful not to damage the power cord;
6. Do not put any foreign matter in the cabinet, keep it dry and clean, and do not open the door of the cabinet for non-professional personnel;
7. In case of any abnormal condition when the machine is working, press the “emergency stop” switch or cut off the power supply immediately.

LISUN lauched SC-015 Dust-proof Test Chamber (Sand Dust Chamber) is applied to physical and other related performance tests for electronic and electrical products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts and other products under simulated dust climate conditions. After the measurement, it is judged whether the performance of the product meets the requirements through verification, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, verification and factory inspection of the product. Comply meets IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2: 2013 <Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>,IEC60598-1,  GB2423.37-89 (Test L: dust test methods), GB4208, GB/T 4942.2-93(protective casing grade of low-voltage apparatus), GB7000.1 <Luminaires Part 1: General Requirements and Tests> 9.2.1, 9.2.2 and Figure 6, DIN40050 and IP5K0. The dust test chamber is applicable to the IP5X and IP6X dustproof test of the products.

Dustproof Testing Machine SC-015

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