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03 Jul, 2020 1451 Views Author: LISUN

How to choose magnetic shielding room for EMI test

Working principle of shielding room:
Computers, communicators, and electronic equipment will generate electromagnetic waves of certain strength during normal operation. The electromagnetic waves may interfere with other equipment or be received by special equipment to steal their work. At the same time, these electronic devices also need to ensure their normal operation in an electromagnetic environment of less than a certain intensity. The shielding room is to use the principle of shielding to make a hexahedral room with metal materials. Due to the absorption loss of the incident electromagnetic wave, the interface reflection loss and the reflection loss in the plate by the metal plate (net), the energy of the electromagnetic wave is greatly reduced, and Make the shielding room produce shielding effect.

For the test of EMI, the International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) issued the CISPR-16 radio interference and anti-jamming measuring appliance specification, and for the lighting industry, the International Special Committee on Radio Interference also proposed CISPR-15 radio interference for electronic lighting and related equipment Characteristic limitations and measurement methods, and various countries have issued various types of EMI lighting test specifications according to their national conditions, such as EN55015-2007 from the European Union and GB17743-1999 from China.

EMI test shielding room:
In the lighting industry, there are two methods for testing EMI in the 9KHz-30MHz band. One is to use Antenna and EMI receiver, which is based on CISPR15, EN55015, GB17743. For the low-frequency magnetic field equipment that the lighting fixture may generate, the three-loop antenna specified in CISPR16-1-4 needs to be used to measure the low-frequency magnetic field radiation disturbance. The test is mainly carried out by the three-loop antenna and the EMI receiver. The test needs to be carried out in the shielded room; the other is the LISN test method. The test needs to be carried out by the EMI receiver + artificial power network + LISN and test software. Conducted disturbance test system is used to measure the disturbance generated by the power port of lamps and lamps under normal working conditions. LISN implements RF signal isolation, sampling, impedance matching, and provides an electrical channel for the EUT. The EMI receiver measures the RF signal , And finally analyzed, processed and judged by EMI test software. The test needs to be conducted in a shielded room.

At the same time, the CDN method is used for EMI testing in the 9KHz-300MHz band. In CISPR15, EN55015 and GB17743 standards, there is another test method for radiated electric field disturbance of lighting equipment, namely CDN common mode terminal voltage method. Adopt CDN method, mainly including EMI receiver, CDN and attenuator. The test can be carried out in a shielded room.

For the EMI test shielding room mentioned above, the SDR-2000B/SDR-800S electromagnetic interference shielding room of LISUN is designed and manufactured according to standards such as GB/T12190: 2006, GJB5792: 2006, IEEE std299 and EN50147. SDR-2000B/SDR-800S can also work with our EMI-9KA/EMI-9KB system to reduce external environmental interference.

The following is the product picture of LISUN SDR-2000B/SDR-800S electromagnetic interference shielding room:

SDR-2000B/SDR-800S electromagnetic interference shielding room

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