Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester

Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester

Product No: HVR-LS/HVR-LSS

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Product Description

This equipment meets the requirements of ANSI/UL94, IEC60950-1, IEC695-2-2 and GB Standard. It is used to test the appliances and plastic materials parts of electrical equipment for the horizontal, vertical flammability test. The product tank shell is irony spray, and configured a transparent viewing window, the digital meter shows the burning time, afterflame time, afterglow time, this device has beautiful appearance, is easy to use and has reliable performance.

We have normal model HVR-LS and compact model HVR-LSS, see below pictures:



• Burning Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable), After flame Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable), After-blanch Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable)
• Burning Angle: 0°, 20°, 45° and optional, Flame Height: 20mm~175mm (Adjustable)
• Gas Flow: 0.03~0.3ml/Min, Gas Pressure: 0~16Kpa pressure gauge±200mm spout
• Burning Lamp: Internal tube diameter: 9.5±0.3mm, Length: 100mm±10mm
• Time Device: It can be accurate to 0.5S, Linear Measure: In millimeter
• Pressure Gauge: It can measure 200mm water, taking 5mm as the increment.
• Flow Meter: The maximum measurement accuracy is ±2%
• Position Adjustment: Sample clamp bracket can be up and down, left and right controlled, combustion seat can be adjusted back and forth, the stroke adjustment is greater than 300 mm.
• Applied with touch screen and remote control unit (HVR-LSS)
• Customer need to prepare additional ventilation system for HVR-LSS