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LED Driver Online Tester

Product No: LEDLS-60

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  • The LEDLS-60/LEDLS-12LED Driver Online Tester According to IEC 62384 is mainly used for the test of the finished product of the product line. The simple design allows the operator to quickly and effectively master the operating process in a short period of time.

    IEC 62384:2006/GB/T 24825-2009  “DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules – Performance requirements”

    • The tester includes A Group Measuring Module and B Group Measuring Module. The A Group measuring module can test 6pcs LED Driver AC Parameters. The B Group measuring module can test 6pcs LED Driver AC, DC and AC/DC Parameters.
    • There are 12 windows to display the input and output parameters, it is good for comparing and analyses.
    • Quick test for all of the parameters in 0.1 seconds.
    • It can set up the testing parameters PASS/FAIL range, it will have Noise/Light warning if it is Fail. We also supply handle port (Extra cost)
    • Software communicate with PC (Extra cost)

    • The LEDLS-12 has one channel which can test 6 LED Driver input and output parameters at one time (or 12 LED Driver input or output parameters at one time).
    • The LEDLS-60 has ten channels which can test 60 LED Driver input and output parameters at one time.
    •The tester can measure the following parameters:
    1). Input Parameter Test (AC) in RMS value: U, I, P, PF, Hz, THD
    2). Output Parameter Test (AC/DC) in RMS or Average value: U, I, P, PF, Efficiency, Ripple Wave Current
    3). The Hardmonic Test: THD and harmonic components test of 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 (total 50 is option)
    • The LEDLS-60 has 8inch LCD screen to display all of the test parameters, the LEDLS-12 has 12 windows to display all the test parameters
    • The test speed is quick: The LEDLS-60 needs only 20s include the LED load light on and test. The LEDLS-12 needs only 2s include the LED load light on the test
    • They only need to connect six LED DC electric load (LISUN M9822) or LED lamp to do test
    • It allows to set upper or lower limit, it will have Noisy/Light warning if the test results were over limit.
    • The manual trigger and software connect to PC to storage test results are option (extra cost)

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  • LED Driver Online Tester Brochure IEC62384-2006 Standard Free Download IEC62384-2011 Standard Free Download GB/T-24825 2009 Standard Free Download IEC62384 2006 Chinese Version Standard Free Download