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Electronic Ballast Automatic Test Equipment

Product No: ATE-1

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  • The ATE-1 is designed for testing fluorescent ballast on production line. It fully meet the IEC62384 and UL935 Standard.

    IEC62384 “DC or AC supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules – Performance requirements”
    UL935 “Standard for Fluorescent-Lamp Ballasts”

    Test series connection, parallel connection and series/parallel connections of the electronic ballast (about 15 kinds of connections), available for various electronic ballast.
    • With a precise resistance box, tube is substituted for the resistance, can act as many as 6 tubes. Resistance value: 1-4095Ω adjustable.
    • Measure input parameters (vrms, irms, w, pf, harmonics, etc), output parameters (on-circuit voltage, lamp voltage, filament voltage, lamp current, lamp power, oscillatory frequency), can also test the ballast efficiency, abnormity protection, and power symmetry of partial rectifier effect and etc.
    • Program controlled AC power source to guarantee the smart choice of input voltage and the frequency.
    • Equipped with 17 inch LCD controlled machine, specially designed A/D combined with special CPU, has the two left and right testing interfaces to achieve stability of data and high- speed testing.
    • We can make the special-designed product for you and promise to upgrade the software for free.

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  • Electronic Ballast Automatic Test Equipment

  • IEC62384 2006 Chinese Version Standard Free Download UL935 2001 Standard Free Download