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24 Jan, 2023 20 Views Author: LISUN

The influence of reducing color difference on consumers by colorimeter

When consumers buy goods, they first feel the color, then the shape. A multi-function colorimeter can provide complete color data and make beautiful colors.

CD-320PRO Detail Pictures

Within 20 seconds of the war, consumers’ color perception accounts for 80%, body perception accounts for 20%, two minutes later, color accounts for 60%, body account for 40%, and five minutes later, each account for 50%. It can be seen that the strong and striking colors can attract the attention of the audience group in a very fast time and quickly convey the brand information, with a preemptive effect.

Traditional manual color matching has many disadvantages. For example, the color matching scheme is not stable, completely depends on the experience and level of the color matching staff, and color cards, samples and formulas are difficult to keep for a long time. The colorimeter can meet most of the market demand. LISUN color difference analyzer can accurately provide color matching scheme, digitize color and formula management, reduce labor cost and ensure stable production. For example, plastics, paint, printing, food, textile, automobile and other industries that need to be related to color can use color difference meter to match colors accurately.

Color research is based on scientific facts and requires precision and clarity. LISUN colorimeter detects the RGB component of color in reflected light through RGB detector, so as to calculate the LAB and color difference value of color.

With the development and progress of science and technology, the precision colorimeter not only improves the measurement accuracy, but also increases the measurement function of yellowness and whiteness. For articles with grain and uneven color, powder and gel high reflective articles can also be strictly measured by adding built-in cameras, using “SCE” and other methods. It can also compare the measured sample data with the electronic database of color cards built in the system, so as to obtain the close Pantone color card number, which is convenient for color matching personnel to query.

Purpose of the colorimeter:
1. Color matching measurement
When users get a sample, they need to reproduce the same color as the sample. At this time, they need to repeatedly sample. Previously, the difference between the sample and the standard sample was compared by human eyes. When it is within the allowable range, the process is handed over to the workshop for production Because of the subjective factors of the human eye, it is difficult to determine the difference. At this time, a colorimeter can be used to measure the difference between the small sample and the standard sample, and determine whether the color difference of the sample conforms to the range according to the difference, so as to reduce the uncertainty of human eye observation.
Here’s an example:
If the color coordinate of the standard sample is:
L *=22.75, a *=22.58, b *=13.83 (i.e. (L) brightness value is 22.75, (A) red is 22.58, (B) yellow is 13.83)
Set the measured value of the standard sample as the standard, and then measure the sample to obtain the sample results:
Δ L*=0.13, Δ a*= -2.26, Δ B *=-2.95 (0.13 light, 2.26 green, 2.95 blue)

It can be seen that red (or green) and yellow (or blue) should be added when the sample formula is revised next time. The specific adding degree can be determined according to the test results, and repeated several times until the color difference is within the allowable range. The experienced color mixing master can determine the proportion of the formula between 2-3 times based on the value of the color difference meter.

2. Function of color difference meter in quality control
When products are put into production, due to the changes of many factors in production, color deviation may occur in batches of products. In this way, we must often use a color difference meter to measure the color deviation in production to adjust the production process to achieve product color consistency.
For example, when the mobile phone case is supplied, it is necessary to use a color difference meter to check whether the color is qualified. And the plastic parts cannot be deformed or twisted (no more than 10mm is acceptable);
The color of plastic parts shall be consistent without impurities, color difference, etc;

Many factors often occur in production, which leads to the deviation of product color. Therefore, the color difference meter should be used to constantly detect and adjust during the production process;
Before leaving the factory, the finished products, samples or color cards shall be taken for testing to ensure the conformity of the products.

Precautions during use of colorimeter:
1. A customer provided the manufacturer with a set of color coordinates, but did not provide a standard sample. In this case, it must be clear in which color space the color coordinates provided by the customer are measured, as well as the lighting conditions and light source type. In different color coordinate spaces, the measured values differ greatly and have no comparability; In the same color space, with different lighting conditions, the chromaticity coordinates also differ greatly, but the color difference is relatively small. In this case, the customer should provide the standard sample, use the standard sample to communicate with the user, use the standard sample as the reference, and control the color difference;
2. All instruments in the current instrument’s color coordinate space must be determined according to the user’s color coordinate space, and the instrument must be adjusted using the standard white board as the benchmark. When the instrument is used for a period of time, the instrument must be recalibrated with the standard white board accompanying it to achieve the highest measurement accuracy;
3. The two measurement results differ greatly
A. Dirt entering the measuring port will cause inaccurate measurement, which will seriously affect the measurement results;
B. Check whether the battery consumption is too low (below 20%), then replace it with a new dry battery or use a DC power supply.
C. Check whether the instrument and test object are stable during measurement, and whether the measuring port and measuring surface are in close contact;
D. Check whether the measuring object is too thin and light leaks
E. Check whether the measuring part is mixed

LISUN lauched Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter is an innovation color measuring tool with powerful configuration to make color measurement easier and more professional; It support Bluetooth to connect with Android and ISO devices, Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter will take you into a new world of color management; It can be widely used to measure color value, color difference value and find similar color from color cards for printing industry, paint industry, textile industry, etc.

CD-320PRO_Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter

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