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22 Jan, 2023 20 Views Author: LISUN

Test Standard for IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment

What products is IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment applicable to?
IPX4 is applicable to balance electric vehicles, outdoor lamps, household appliances, auto parts and other electronic and electrical products.


Experimental principle of IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment:
Water spray holes are arranged in 180 ° arc segments on both sides of the midpoint of the swing pipe; The tested shell is placed in the middle of the semicircle of the pendulum tube, and the pendulum tube swings 180 ° along both sides of the vertical line, about 360 ° in total; Each swing takes about 12s (2 × 180 °), the test duration is 10min; The support of the tested shell shall be perforated to avoid becoming a water baffle; Swing the pendulum tube in each direction to make the shell splash in all directions.

Test standard for IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment:
1. Test standard for ipx4 swing pipe water spray test equipment:
1. Placement of test equipment and samples: select a swing tube with an appropriate radius to make the height of the sample table at the position of the diameter of the swing tube. Place the sample on the sample table so that the distance from its top to the sample spray nozzle is not more than 200 mm, and the sample table does not rotate.
2. Test conditions: the water flow is calculated according to the number of spray holes in the swing pipe, and each hole is 0.07L/min; The water spraying area is the water spraying from the water spraying holes in the 90 ° arc segments on both sides of the midpoint of the swing pipe to the sample. The sample is placed in the center of the semicircle of the pendulum tube. The pendulum tube swings 180 ° along both sides of the vertical line, about 360 ° in total. Each swing (2×360) is about 12s;
3. Test time: 10 min.

The test method of IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment is as follows:
1. Please place the sample on the sample turntable so that the sample is in the center of the table;
2. Adjust the height of the turntable according to the size of the sample, so that the distance from the top of the sample to the nozzle of the swing tube does not exceed 200mm;
3. Please remove the stainless steel plugs on both sides of the swing tube and replace them with blue nozzles;
4. Select the swing tube radius – R400, press [IPX4], if you want to power on the tested product for testing, select [Sample Power] to power on the sample;
5. Press [Water Pump Start] on the touch screen manual screen. Adjust the flowmeter to the standard flow (IPX4 level is 1.8L/min); During adjustment, observe that the upper surface of the buoy is flush with the scale. After reaching the standard, click [Water Pump Start] in [Manual Screen] again to shut down the water pump;
6. Press [Swing Tube to Zero] and [Clear] first, wait for 4 seconds for the swing tube to reset, then press [Test Start] to start the test. At this time, the water pump automatically opens, the system runs and starts to record the test time. At the same time, the swing pipe starts to swing back and forth at the speed of 12 seconds. The swing amplitude is ± 180 °.

Cleaning of IPX4 swing tube rain test equipment distribution room:
The IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment is exposed to the environment for a long time, and the instruments, distribution boards, water circuits, etc. in the distribution room will be full of dust. When the air is humid, it will cause equipment failure. To ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, please clean the distribution room once a month. (Warning: please turn off the main power switch to avoid electric shock accident during this operation)

Method: First turn off the main power switch, open the cover of the power distribution room, clean the dust in the electrical part with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush, then cover the cover of the power distribution room and tighten the fastening screws.

Required conditions for IPX4 swing pipe water spray test equipment:
1. Temperature: the ambient temperature of the equipment is 5 ℃~30 ℃; The manufacturer of the equipment laboratory suggests installing air conditioners to maintain constant temperature and maintain the service life of the equipment and the accuracy of the test results;
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 0.85; Too high humidity or a series of water spraying testing machines nearby may lead to rust of the machine;
3. Atmospheric pressure: under standard atmospheric pressure (standard atmospheric pressure is 101.325kPa);
4. No strong vibration around;
5. There is no direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources, and the ambient temperature should not be too high, which will have a certain impact on the compressor of the equipment, including low temperature test;
6. There is no strong electromagnetic field around;
7. There is no high concentration dust and corrosive substances around.

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JL-XC waterproof test chamber

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