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24 May, 2023 489 Views Author: root

Light conversion technology: the next wave of destructive innovation of LED

LEDs are everywhere in life, and gradually applied to large -scale high -quality TVs, cars, streets, workplaces and home. In recent years, LED prices have been decreasing, which has driven the global LED lighting market to flourish. However, we are facing the second wave of revolution in the LED lighting industry. The next generation of LED optical technology can provide more comfortable, secure, high -quality and connected LED lighting, and the price is more affordable. Light Polymers, a new company in the nano chemical material in San Francisco, is using innovative unique water -phase LCD material patented technology to subvert the LED lighting industry.

Light Polymers (optical polymer) is dedicated to synthetic water phase LCD materials for various uses. Now, the company uses this unique chemical material in LED-Conversion technology to develop new Crystallin series products, including embedded lamps, beauty lights, red light-treated LED lights, plants, and red light. Fish and animal growth lights, professional photography lights and advanced personal lamps. Among them, the lamp products were launched in the Asian market through sales partners and online channels in August this year, and listed in the United States in November.

“The advanced polymer technology of Light Polymers is different from the traditional fixed -color LED packaging technology,” said the CEO and President of Light Polymers McConnaughey in an exclusive interview with Ledinside. “Light conversion technology is not a new concept for the LED industry, but due to the problem of execution and cost, this technology is not widely used in lighting equipment.”

In the past, high -performance (CRI) lighting equipment was mainly used in places that were very required for the performance of the museum. Light Polymers’s water -phase LCD material technology allows lamps to divert a comfortable and uniform light. Not only does it retain the full color gamut (high CRI), but also the characteristics of low glare and prevent ultraviolet leakage. As Light Polymers’s chemical materials can reduce manufacturing costs, these ultra -high -quality lighting products will win market competition at more reasonable prices.

Light conversion technology: the next wave of destructive innovation of LED

White Encapsulated LED system

Light conversion technology: the next wave of destructive innovation of LED

Remote Phosphor Film System

Light Polymers’s technology includes a special performance of water -phase LCD material, which can closely wrap the fluorescent powder together to reach the maximum blue light conversion rate “, Dr. Huang Zhihao of Light Polymers explained. Blu -ray LED can not only omit the expensive division of BIN or pick homework, but also do not require the expensive large heat sink required for high brightness LED, adding additional costs. Lighting products developed using this technology can minimize color bias and reduce the decline in brightness, and more power saving than LED lighting equipment using traditional packaging technology. “

Light Polymer’s Crystallin embedded lamp creates a new niche in the competitive LED embedded lamp market. This is the thinnest lamp on the market, and provides museum -level lights, suitable for home or commercial lighting, and the price is affordable.

Zhang Jiarong, vice president of Light Polymers, said: “We can design any spectrum in a few days. We will launch a customized service to provide different spectrum fluorescent films according to customer needs. Embedded lights are a very sensitive mass market for cost, but We believe that the market has a demand for high CRI embedded lights at a reasonable price. “Light Polymers’s 6 -inch embedded lamp Crystallin Gold has high performance (CRI greater than 98), three000K and 5000K, and the recommended price (MSRP) is to $ 14.99. In addition, the 6 -inch embedded lamp products also include Crystallin Red (spectral spectra that does not affect sleep), Crystallin Orange (suitable for environmental high -sensitivity, such as semiconductor factory and program designers who like to encode under orange), target beauty for beauty) The Crystallin Salon designed by the nail salon, and the Crystallin Grow (indoor plant growth light).

Light Polymers also provides CRYSTALLIN CUSTOM services to make customers customer -based spectrum. Light Polymers also invested in multi -layer membrane development, allowing the lighting efficiency to be more than 30%higher than that of traditional lamps.

“At present, the efficiency of LED design has stabilized, and the key to further improve the overall efficiency is to develop more efficient optical elements,” McConnaughey said.

Filming LED plant lighting
For LED lighting manufacturers, plant lighting is a very favorable market. LEDINSIDE estimates that the size of the global LED plant lighting market will grow from US $ 576 million in 2016 to $ 1.42 billion in 2020.

LISUN LPCE-2 Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer LED Testing System is for single LEDs and LED lighting products light measurement. LED’s quality should be tested by checking its photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. According to CIE 177CIE84,  CIE-13.3IES LM-79-19Optical-Engineering-49-3-033602COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2019/2015IESNA LM-63-2IES-LM-80 and ANSI-C78.377, it recommends to using an array spectroradiometer with an integrating sphere to test SSL products.


“Light Polymers’s chemical technology helps develop low -cost LED light conversion technology and provides a new method for making plant lights,” said Marc McConnaughey. “The existing LED process is still unable to design and provide special spectrum according to customer needs, and the pre -production period is quite short. Our plant growth light is designed for vertical farm to achieve maximum luminous efficiency and light quantity density (PPFD). At the same time, reduce the electricity consumption of lighting and air conditioners. Through light conversion technology and simple, low -cost blue light LED, we can provide accurate growth spectrum according to customer needs. “

Light Polymers will also launch Growblade’s light conversion tablet plant lights in the near future, including 300X300mm, 300X600mm, 300X1200mm, and 300x1500mm. Growblades has high light emitting efficiency, designed for indoor farms that require fixed spectrals and take into account low capital and operating costs. Growblades uses a uniform light Crystallin film, plus a 3 -centimeter ultra -thin appearance design, which can provide larger planting space, thereby increasing the productivity of vertical farms. Through a large area of light and special Crystallin Grow film spectrum, it can not only improve the quality of light, but also increase crop yield. According to the early field test, a Growblade can replace 2 to 3 pipes multi -color packaging LED.

Light conversion technology: the next wave of destructive innovation of LED

compares Growblade plant lights (above) and lamps that use multiple single -frequency LED light sources

Light conversion technology: the next wave of destructive innovation of LED

The Growblade light of the Crystallin Grow film can be used on vertical farms.

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