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24 Nov, 2022 18 Views Author: LISUN

IPX34 waterproof rain test chamber

What is IPX34 waterproof rain test chamber?
First, let’s look at the shape of the IPX34 water spraying test instrument. The enclosure of the test box is made of blue and white paint. It has evolved from a single color of raw materials to a beautiful and generous enclosure, which is designed by technicians with painstaking efforts. Besides, the right side outside the box is also provided with a heat dissipation hole, which can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.


The difference between the box type model and the column type model is that the box type waterproof rain test model can recycle water, the bottom of the test machine is equipped with a water tank, and the water after the test will flow back to the water tank. The box structure has the characteristics of circulating water, which can be said to be both energy saving and environmental protection. More importantly, customers do not need to build a special waterproof laboratory, which greatly saves the initial investment cost. In addition, 4 movable casters are installed at the bottom of the test box, which makes the machine handling more convenient.

Waterproof experimental machines basically have an intelligent control operating system. The operating panel that controls the entire operating core system – adopts a color 7-inch touch screen+Panasonic PLC, and users can set parameters, start, stop, clear data and other actions on the machine on their mobile phones or computers. (The remote control function requires downloading the corresponding software). Of course, we also have a simpler operating system to bring more convenience to customers and meet their production requirements.

Then look at the door of the rain experiment device. The door shell is sprayed with blue paint. There are transparent tempered glass windows on it. The box is also equipped with LED lights, so that the operator can see the test of the inner box more clearly and make better records. The sample power socket is installed directly below the LED lamp, and the power on/off and time of the sample can be controlled by the system, which is convenient for the sample test when power on is required.

The test pendulum tube is placed in the middle of the inner box. It is called the pendulum tube because the pendulum tube needs to swing for testing. The shape of the swing tube is a semicircle structure, with nozzles evenly distributed on it. The size of the spray holes is 0.4 mm in diameter, and the distance between each hole is 50 mm. (Designed in strict accordance with GB4208 standard) According to the test standard, the tested sample should be spaced 200mm max from the spray hole, so that the test sample will be more evenly exposed to rain and the test will be more accurate.

The same as the column rain tester, the pendulum tube of the test chamber is also removable. The difference is that the number of nozzles for testing IPX3 and IPX4 is different, but for the convenience of testing, we have improved the design itself, and only need to replace the nozzle to change the test level. In addition, in order to ensure that the swing of the swing tube is normal, we have installed a protractor at the relative position of the rotating shaft.

Then look at the position just below the pendulum tube, which is the turntable for placing test samples. The turntable is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance. Since the height of the test sample and the spray hole should have a corresponding fixed distance, the height of the turntable can be adjusted manually. In addition, the turntable can be rotated in three ways to make the test more accurate. We can also clearly see that there is a layer of mesh filter layer in the water outlet of the inner tank to prevent the sample or other impurities from flowing into the water storage tank during the test, and the water spray blocking the pinhole when the water storage tank returns to the pinhole.

As for the filter layer, there is also a filter installed behind the tester, which is used to filter the sundries injected into the tap water of the tester. The reason for using tap water when testing equipment is that tap water does not have too many impurities. As mentioned above, the aperture of the spray hole is 0.4mm. If there are too many impurities in the water, the spray hole will be blocked, which will not only shorten the service life of the nozzle, but also consume more needle nozzle raw materials.

JL-XC series waterproof test chambers are mainly used for small electronic and electrical products such as lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components and so one. It is used for physical and other related properties checking under simulated climatic conditions. It determines whether the performance of the product meets the requirements or not after the test. It is very useful in the design, improvement, verification and factory inspection of the product. The JL-XC waterproof testing fully meets IEC60598-1,  IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2:2013 《Degrees of protection provided by enclosures(IP Code)》GB4208-2008 and GB7000.1.

Waterproof Test Machine JL 3456C

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