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01 Jan, 2017 1853 Views Author: root

IES Files

The lighting industry practitioners must be familiar with IES file. Firstly introduce IES, IES is short for Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. I.E.S is founded in 1906, it is a technical Institute. Institute standardization work is responsible by more than 80 technical committees and subcommittees. Every technical committee is engaged in the research and standard formulation work of various lighting equipment. Investigate various lighting fields and report to director. Such as airport and aircraft, farms, factories, institutions, offices, public transports, housing, schools, service spaces, streets and roads, theater and televisions. Other topics include light sources, lighting and air-conditioning etc. IES also establishes partnerships with other professional organizations such as International Commission on Illumination (ICI).

IES file is the electronic format of light source(luminaries) light distribution curve file, because its extension name is “*.ies”, so we call it IES file usually. IES file is customized by the North America Association of Lighting; it is the default storage light source spatial light intensity in many regions now.

If you use thumbnail to see IES, you see its meridional surface light distribution curve, that is polar curve. Lisun IES file schematic diagram is as below. But if you open it by ASCII text file(it is usually used notebook, extension name is “*.txt”). It has a fixed format to record certain information.

IES Files

Lisun Group is CIE supportive membership; our LSG series goniophotometers meet the requirements of CIE.

All control of LSG series Goniophotometers operations can be realized by the software, including gonophotometer movement, data acquisition and processing, real-time display on screen, report print and etc, thus enabling the measurement easy and secure.

This system can export data files as following formats:

IES Files

This kind of format files can be transferred by other illumination and luminaire design software such as DiaLux.

Application software can also implement essential calculation for lighting design as iso-illuminance distribution curve on a working plane, luminance limitation curve, luminaire efficiency, effective beam angle, upward luminous flux ratio, downward luminous flux ratio, effective luminous flux, utilization factor curve etc.

Goniophotometers have been widely used in lighting design, if you are interested, please contact our salesman freely.

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