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17 Nov, 2022 29 Views Author: LISUN

How to select a suitable colorimeter

What is a colorimeter? What is it used for?
Colorimeter is an instrument used to measure the color difference of objects. It can also be called chroma meter, and pigment colorimeter.

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Automatically compare the color difference between the template and the inspected object, and output CIE_ Lab three groups of data and △ E, △ L, △ a, △ b four groups of color difference data after color comparison.

Operate on Instrument

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Budget. According to the actual budget of the company or yourself, whether you want to buy imported or domestic products. If you think you have enough budget and are interested in imported products, you can consider imported products. After all, it is not your fault to have more money! If you are interested in domestic color difference meters, you can also learn more. After so many years of development, the performance of domestic color difference meters is completely comparable to that of imported color difference meters. More importantly, the price is much more favorable than that of imported color difference meters, and the after-sales time of imported color difference meters is long and the cost is high, which is also the reason why more and more enterprises choose domestic color difference meters in recent years.

Performance configuration of colorimeter:
1. You should know which kind of color difference instrument is suitable for your industry. Each industry has different requirements for color difference accuracy, namely △ Eab. If △ Eab is between 0-1, you must choose an instrument with higher accuracy; These are generally rubber and plastic, paint and paint industries; If you do not need high accuracy, you can also choose a general color difference instrument.

Color Card Database

2. You need to know the shape of your products. At present, the test aperture of the general colorimeter is 4mm or 8mm; If your product is cambered or the size is very small, you need to consider the problem of test aperture; Of course, it can also be specially ordered as follows:
Large Aperture (LAV): 2.54 cm (1 inch)
Medium Aperture (MAV): 1.5 cm (0.6 in.)
Small Aperture (SAV): 0.75 cm x 1.0 cm (0.3 in x 0.4 in)
VSAV: 0.3 cm x 0.8 cm (0.12 in x 0.31 in)
3. Whether there is national metrological certification. This instrument is a measuring instrument. It is necessary to know whether the product can meet the national measurement requirements. Otherwise, if there is a dispute, your data can not be referenced.
In general, for a color difference meter worth buying, there are many factors worth considering besides the above main factors.

Colorimeter industry application:
Metal: used to measure the color of metal surface treatment and metal electroplating.
For example, color measurement of copper nickel chromium layer on steel, silver indium layer on steel, and color detection of iron cabinet
Textiles: textile colorimeter, cloth colorimeter, textile colorimeter, leather colorimeter
Paint: paint color difference meter, spraying color difference meter, coating color difference meter, powder color difference meter
Furniture: furniture color difference meter, paint color difference meter, paint color difference meter
Automobile: automobile colorimeter, automobile paint colorimeter
Food: tomato paste colorimeter meat colorimeter tobacco colorimeter
Ink: ink color difference meter, paper color difference meter, printing color difference meter
Plastic: plastic colorimeter, plastic colorimeter

LISUN lauched Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter is an innovation color measuring tool with powerful configuration to make color measurement easier and more professional; It support Bluetooth to connect with Android and ISO devices, Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter will take you into a new world of color management; It can be widely used to measure color value, color difference value and find similar color from color cards for printing industry, paint industry, textile industry, etc.

CD-320PRO_Portable Colorimeter/Chroma Meter

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