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15 Mar, 2023 20 Views Author: LISUN

Function of spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is a color measuring instrument with superior performance, wide use and simple operation. This instrument is suitable for color detection and color difference control of complex products in industry, such as measuring the reflected and transmitted colors of objects, and measuring the whiteness and chromaticity of objects and the most basic color difference between two objects. The spectrophotometer is used as a 45 °/0 ° geometric observation angle suitable for human eyes to display the reflectance and transmittance of a single object in the visible light band of 300nm-700nm, and it is connected to the computer through the interface to expand more functions.

Now, in industrial production, spectroscopic colorimeters are mainly used in textile, printing and dyeing, coating, metal paint, glass coating, paint film, building materials, printing and other industries that have strict color requirements and are difficult to control. The quantitative comparison and analysis of product color information can be made clear by using the spectroscopic colorimeter. At the same time, the color information can be restored clearly when used together with a PC, providing the best guarantee for color transmission and reproduction.

( λ) Multiply the three excitation values of CIE spectrum respectively, and integrate these products respectively in the whole visible spectrum range. ❑ According to the standard colorimetric system specified by CIE of the International Commission on Illumination, the calculation method of the third stimulus value of color is the color stimulus function

This formula is the main basis for the spectrophotometer to realize color detection. It can perfectly convert the measured color brightness, brightness and chromaticity information into different color information, and finally realize the measurement of whiteness, chromaticity and color difference.

( λ) It can be expressed as equal to three types from different measured objects. ❑ In which
( λ)= S( λ)—— (Self luminous body) relative spectral power distribution |
( λ)=β ( λ) S( λ)—— The product of the reflectance factor and the relative spectral power distribution of the standard illuminant. 
( λ) S( λ)—— The product of the transmittance factor and the relative spectral power distribution of the standard illuminant( λ)= 

At the beginning of the research and development of the spectrophotometer, the R&D personnel will generally consider the configuration suitable for different industries, products and measurement environments, including the selection of light sources (A, C, D65, D50, etc.) and a variety of color difference formulas for selection. In addition, the tolerance range can be set according to the product qualification requirements, which can quickly detect the color difference of products, and is suitable for color control in large-scale industrial production.

Based on the theory of optical chromaticity, the spectrophotometer is an instrument for spectral photometric measurement of object color. It consists of light source, integrating sphere, spectrometer, detector and data processing system. The main purpose of the R&D and mass production of this instrument is to facilitate users to intuitively and reliably analyze color data, transfer color information and copy color images. Now, both domestic and foreign color management instrument companies are working hard on the spectrophotometer, striving to develop and produce more suitable and practical instruments.

Characteristics of spectrophotometer:
We know that light is observed by the human eye in the form of an electromagnetic wave. Different wavelengths of light present different colors to us on the chromatography. In the spectrum, red light has the longest wavelength and purple light has the shortest wavelength. The others are arranged in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple. The spectrophotometer is used to analyze these lights according to the rules of spectrum.

Generally, there is a composite sensor in the spectrophotometer to measure the spectral reflectance of the wavelength of the object. The microprocessor is used to calculate the third excitation value by using the spectral reflectance data to calculate the chromatic aberration of the internal equipment of the spectrophotometer. With the third stimulus, we can calculate the color information we need according to the different chromaticity space calculation formula provided by CIE.

For the spectrophotometer, it not only has all the functions and features of the general color colorimeter, but also has higher sensitivity. Because the script spectral sensor measures light at various wavelength intervals, the colorimeter generally ranges from 0.01 to 0.02, which can be said to have very small error. The measuring speed is much faster than that of ordinary colorimeter. It can be used to measure the existing color. The measuring time is about 0.3s. This application in batch industrial production color detection can greatly improve the speed of color detection and production efficiency.

The spectrophotometer can perfectly realize the detection, analysis, transmission, communication and reproduction of color, which is the most common functional requirements of this instrument in the industry. Therefore, a spectrophotometer can help you solve all color problems, which is really a good way to do more with one action.

LISUN lauched Benchtop Spectrophotometer (Reflectance and Transmittance) DSCD-920 adopts 7 inches touch screen, full wavelength range, Android operate system. Illumination : reflectance D/8° and transmittance D/0°(UV included / UV excluded), high accuracy for color measurement, large storage memory, PC software, because of above advantages, it is used in laboratory for color analysis and communication.

DSCD-920_Desktop Spectroradiometer

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