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20 May, 2023 44 Views Author: Juliet Xia

Briefly introduce two kinds of ozone generators in ozone aging test chamber

The ozone aging test chamber is composed of the ozone gas produced by the silent high-efficiency ozone generator and a certain amount of treated air, which are mixed in the exchanger and then sent into the test chamber. The ultraviolet detector will feed back the ozone concentration continuously detected online to the ozone generator control system, so that the control system can effectively control the occurrence of ozone according to the set value, so that the test chamber maintains the set ozone concentration, and the heating and humidification system will work, Meet all test conditions.

The methods of producing ozone artificially include photochemical method, electrochemical method, corona discharge method, etc. Most of the ozone aging chambers used in industry are the corona discharge technology with the lowest energy consumption, that is, the oxygen-containing gas generates corona discharge under the alternating high-voltage electric field, and O2 decomposes and polymerizes into O3.


For the disinfection of air purification system and space, it is required to reasonably configure certain specifications of ozone generators. Currently, there are two types of generators commonly used: built-in and external. The external generator of ozone aging chamber is more perfect than the internal one.

The external ozone generator is a standard generator product, which meets the requirements of relevant national industrial standards. The generator is equipped with air source drying and purification system, ozone generation room, cooling system, power supply and control protection system, so it is stable and safe. Its ozone generation can be accurately measured.

In use, the standard generator can be placed in the air conditioning room, and the ozone is introduced into the main air supply duct along with the output pipe, and then into each disinfection space along with the air supply, so as to achieve a specific disinfection effect. The control system of the generator can be connected and coordinated with the air conditioning unit, and it can also carry multiple air conditioning units, which are controlled by the solenoid valve in time sharing, and each air conditioning unit works in time sharing.

Although the price of the external generator of the ozone aging test chamber is much higher than that of the internal generator, its reliable performance, stable disinfection effect and long service life are completely necessary to meet the sterilization requirements of the pharmaceutical process.

Three core control systems of ozone aging test chamber:
1. Temperature control system: The fully enclosed original low-temperature system refrigeration compressor makes the equipment have the advantages of small size, large capacity, low noise, light weight, high efficiency, and is famous in the world refrigeration industry because of its original equipment, becoming a symbol of energy conservation. In order to make the temperature difference of the test chamber not obvious, the standard temperature range of general equipment is set at 5 ℃~75 ℃.

2. Humidity control system: the standard humidity range of ozone aging test chamber is between 65 and 95% RH. The humidification system uses deionized water and distilled water, and the equipment of the automatic water filling system in the water storage tank greatly shortens the water make-up time; Control mode of automatic water level controller; It not only protects the device system of the equipment, but also enables the equipment to automatically alarm and stop operation in case of failure.

3. Ozone control system: The main control instrument of ozone control technology for aging test is ozone generator. Its working principle is divided into electrolytic type, high-voltage discharge type, ultraviolet irradiation type and three modes according to the operating system. For the ozone aging test chamber as a box-type environmental detection equipment, high-voltage discharge type is the most appropriate ozone control technology, It is also the most widely adopted and applied system mode.

Methods to quickly solve the failure of ozone aging test chamber:
1. When the ozone aging machine is testing, the display value of ozone concentration cannot be controlled stably, and some phenomena may occur, such as high or low; Generally, when installing the transmitter, there is a connection between the transmitter and the box, as long as the insulation between the transmitter and the box is good;

2. There is no ozone concentration value display in the secondary meter 30 seconds after the equipment is started, only the upper or lower limit display; The upper limit usually occurs when there is no 4-20mA signal input. Check whether the ozone transmitter has 24V power supply → 4-20mA output line → whether the connecting wire between the sensor and the main board is loose or loose; The lower limit may occur because the transmitter zero point is too low, so the zero point can be adjusted (zero point adjustment: open the front cover and use a special small screwdriver to see the ZERO potentiometer and slowly adjust it counterclockwise until the secondary meter shows the value); Open the front cover of the transmitter, adjust the multimeter to the voltage range and measure the two copper pins above. If it is too high or too low, adjust it to 40mV. The adjustment method is to adjust the zero point in 2;

3. When the equipment is being tested, the ozone generator is always in working condition, and the displayed value will always rise and cannot be controlled; This phenomenon usually occurs because the solid-state output signal is incorrect or the solid-state relay cannot be disconnected;

4. During the ozone test, the display value of ozone remained at the value after the machine was turned on and did not rise; Check whether there is set control value. If there is no set control value, check whether the ozonator is working. If not, check whether the solid-state relay has output, whether the wire is connected incorrectly, and whether the strip relay is working; If the ozone generator is working but does not produce ozone, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer.

The ozone aging test chamber is a common equipment in industrial production. It is often used to study the action rule of ozone on rubber and to simulate and strengthen the ozone conditions in the atmosphere. It can quickly identify the characteristics of ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent protection efficiency, so that the service life of high rubber products produced by the equipment can be continuously extended. LISUN launched ozone aging test chamber OTC-150A

Ozone test purpose:
Ozone Test Chamber (or called Ozone Aging Chamber and Ozone Aging Test Chamber) is design according to rubber being sensitive characteristic of to ozone, it simulate the environmental to accelerate the rubber aging process by ozone. It compared to different products(test sample) aging result each other according to the same ozone aging test conditions/standards, and get to comparable aging resistance performance.

Test process:

The ozone aging test is expose the test sample at the closed, non-illuminated constant ozone concentration air and constant temperature test box. The sample is tested at predetermined time, to evaluate ozone aging resistance through the sample’s cracks degree or other measured performance change. Ozone aging included static tensile test and dynamic tensile test. The ozone concentration, temperature, humidity, and sample tensile ratio are very important parameters in this aging test.

OTC-015A_Ozone Test Chamber

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