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Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity Tester

Product No: DOW61000-18

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  • Description
  • DOW61000-18 damped oscillatory wave immunity tester consists of powerful test host and high performance damping oscillating wave module. It fully meets IEC 61000-4-18, EN61000-4-18 and GB/T 17626.12 standards requirement. It provides high accuracy test solution for damped oscillatory wave immunity of electronic products.

    Main Characteristics:
    • Applied for electronic switches with high performance and smooth waveform;
    • Built-in 3phase/5wires CDN;
    • Includes Windows control software and operation and can generate test report automatically;
    • Adopted with modular structure design and it is easy to do maintenance and upgrade;
    • Big colorful LCD touch screen, built-in IEC standard test levels;

    Technical Specification:

    Output Voltage 0~3000V
    Oscillation Frequency 100kHz, 1MHz
    Pulse Polarity Positive, Negative or Positive/Negative automatic
    Internal Resistance 200Ω
    Rise Time 75ns±20%
    Attenuation Attenuation to half value of first peak within fifth peak to tenth peak
    Repeat Frequency 1~50Hz (oscillation frequency: 100kHz)-Adjustable 1~500Hz (oscillation frequency: 1MHz)-Adjustable
    Burst Width 1~9999s (Adjustable)
    Pulse Interval 1~9999s (Adjustable)
    Test Function Built-in IEC standard test levels; Set up voltage; Big LCD touch screen
    Coupling and Decoupling Network Built-in 3Phase/5Wires CDN; AC380V/10A
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