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Online OK Tester for Electronic Ballast and CFL

Product No: WT-1

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  • Description
  • WT-1 CFL and Electronic Ballast Online specifications:

    • Test 6 pieces at one time, suitable for mass testing in assembly line.
    • Measure parameter: Vrms, lrms, W, PF.
    • Freely set upper and lower limit for lrms, W, PF, alarm when value out of limits.
    • Freely set test duration in range: 0-99.9s, tested data automatically locked.
    • Test range:
    1) Vrms: 10.0-300.0V
    2) lrms: 5-999mA
    3) W: 0.1-300.0W
    4) PF: 0.0001-1.000
    • Accuracy: 0.5%
    • Digital display on 6 windows is easy to read
    • Print port and communication port available (optional)