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07 Jul, 2024 12 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Non-contact Test Gauge OF BS 1363-2 Figure 14

This part of BS 1363 specifies requirements for 13 A switched and unswitched shuttered socket-outlets for household, commercial and light industrial purposes, with particular reference to safety in normal use. The socket-outlets are suitable for the connection of appliances, sound vision equipment, luminaires, etc. in a.c. circuits only, operating at voltages not exceeding 250 Vr.m.s. and frequencies from 50 Hz to 60 Hz using plugs in accordance with BS1363-1:2023. Additional requirements are included for socket-outlets suitable for electric vehicle charging.

Non-contact Test Gauge OF BS 1363-2 Figure 14


Requirements are specified for 13 A shuttered socket-outlets in single or multiple arrangements, with or without associated controlling switches, for flush mounting in suitable boxes, e.g. conforming to BS 4662:2006+A1:2009, or for surface or panel mounting or for portable use. Fixed socket-outlets are intended for use with cables conforming to BS 6004:2012+A1:2020 and cables to the relevant part of BS EN 50525, having copper conductors. Portable socket-outlets are intended for use with flexible cables conforming to the relevant part of BS EN 50525. Socket-outlets incorporating fuse links, Circuit Breakers for Equipment (CBE), switches and indicator lamps are included within the scope of this part of BS 1363. Socket-outlets incorporating electronic components as detailed in Annex A are included within the scope of this part of BS 1363.

This standard does not apply to socket-outlets incorporating screwless terminals for the connection of external conductors of the following types:
a) insulation-piercing connecting devices; or
b) twist-on connecting devices.

Socket-outlets conforming to this standard are shuttered and therefore do not require the use of additional means to shield the current carrying contacts when no plug is present in the socket-outlet.
Certain installations require the inclusion of intumescent and acoustic pads and this might have an effect on the conformance of the socket-outlet to the requirements of this standard. This might influence temperature rise and internal clearances. Verification of suitability of the socket-outlet needs to be obtained from the manufacturer.

1. Application: This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to BS 1363 standards. And the mainly application industries is electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.

2. Features: Gauge dimensions, tolerances, material, hardness, surface roughness conform to the standards requirements; Material hardness is more than 50HRC; Material thermal expansion coefficient is small,dimensions and tolerances is stable and reliable.

Non-contact Test Gauge OF BS 1363-2 Figure 14

Non-contact Test Gauge OF BS 1363-2 Figure 14


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