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29 Jun, 2024 41 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Lehre 16e Socket Gauge with 18N OF DIN VDE 0620-1

Table of Contents

1 Scope

This standard applies to fixed socket outlets for alternating current only, with a protective circuit, with a rated voltage of over 50 V but not more than 440 V, and with a rated current not exceeding 32 A, intended for domestic use or similar purposes, either in indoors or outdoors.

Lehre 16e Socket Gauge with 18N OF DIN VDE 0620-1

GNGPL 6216e_AL

NOTE 1 When the term socket is used below, it means a fixed socket.

The rated current is limited to 16 A for sockets equipped with screwless terminals.

This standard does not cover requirements for flush-mounted boxes. It only covers those requirements for surface-mounted boxes that are necessary for testing on sockets.

NOTE 2 General requirements for installation boxes are specified in the standards of the DIN EN 60670 (VDE 0606) series.

This standard also applies to sockets that are part of a stationary appliance, unless otherwise stated in the standard for the appliance in question. and for sockets for difficult conditions as well as for sockets with additional functions.

The separation function between the plug and the fixed socket must be possible without the use of a tool. Other than in 3.2. The sockets described are not permitted within the meaning of this standard.

This standard does not apply to:
-sockets for industrial purposes;
-Sockets for extra low voltage (ELV);

NOTE 3 ELV values are specified in publication IEC/TS 61201.

-Sockets in conjunction with line protection fuses, automatic switches, etc.

Sockets according to this standard are not intended for applications that feed energy back into the installation.

NOTE 4 To feed energy into a fixed installation, plug-in devices in accordance with DIN VDE V 0628-1 (VDE V 0628-1) must be used.

Sockets conforming to this standard are suitable for use in ambient temperatures which typically do not exceed 40°C but whose average over 24 hours does not exceed 35°C, with a lower limit of -5*C.

For places where special conditions exist, e.g. on ships, vehicles and the like, and in hazardous areas where e.g. B. If there is a risk of explosion, special designs may be required.

Accessories for products of this standard must not influence the safety of these products.

Sockets used as components in other products must meet both the requirements of this standard and the requirements of the specific product standard of the device into which they are installed.

NOTE 5 The relevant requirements must be checked together with the device into which the sockets are installed.

Lehre 16e – Examining Largest Withdrawal Force of Contact Socket of Plug According to DIN 49441 form R2

Lehre 16e – Lehre zur Prüfung der größten Abzugskraft der Kontaktbuchse des Steckers nach DIN 49441 Form R2

Germany plug and Socket Gauge is strictly designed and manufactured according to the relevant standard requirements of DIN VDE 0620-1.

This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to VDE0620-1:2010 standards. And the mainly application industries is electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.

Lehre 16e Socket Gauge with 18N OF DIN VDE 0620-1

Lehre 16e Socket Gauge with 18N OF DIN VDE 0620-1


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