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28 Mar, 2024 61 Views Author: Cherry Shen

A high accuracy temperature tester to increase temperature detection efficiency – Multiplex Temperature Tester

The Multiplex Temperature Tester is a tool which can simultaneously monitor multiple temperature changes in real-time, with LCD display and U disk storage, due to its user-friendliness and accuracy. Also it is a high accuracy temperature tester that improves temperature detection efficiency. The Multiplex Temperature Tester is equipped with software that can save all temperature changes into the U disk, displayed as a line graph for users to easily save the data, analyze the curve, and transfer information.

The working principle of the Multiplex Temperature Tester:

The internal Flash memory of the Multiplex Temperature Tester can store the instrument’s setup parameters, supports USB full-duplex communication, and can easily realize data collection, analysis and printing. Applicable to the Home Appliances, Motors, Electric Heaters, etc., adopt 32-bit high-speed CPU for data processing, support K J E T N S R B thermocouple input, and use industrial capacitance touch screen display, which has perfect functions, excellent performance and simple operation. The Multiplex Temperature Tester has a sturdy and vibration resistant enclosure which can work in a tough environment, fully isolated digital and analog signals, and can be tested under power, providing a secure and reliable solution for the enterprises, laboratories, research and development measurement, etc.

Things to consider when choosing the Multiplex Temperature Tester:

In order to reduce measurement errors caused by too long input lines, the best solution is to install the instrument inside the temperature screening of the main plant floor two-tier platform. Due to the strong magnetic field generated during the unit operation, in order to reduce electromagnetic interference, the best solution is to select instruments with high reliability and high anti-interference ability. The instrument mainly monitors the temperature of the unit, the number of channels should be determined according to the actual situation of the site, and keep some spare channels. The range and accuracy of the instrument should meet the requirements of the site, and should have temperature compensation function.

A high accuracy temperature tester to increase temperature detection efficiency - Multiplex Temperature Tester

TMP-8/TMP-16_Multiplex Temperature Tester

When using the Multiplex Temperature Tester, the following points must be observed:

1. Choose instruments with high reliability and high anti-interference ability;
2. Pay high attention to the design and installation, and take into account the limitation of wiring distances;
3. Install the connection cables and grounding wires correctly;
4. Regular maintenance should be conducted to ensure the reliability of the control system;
5. If it is found that the system has insufficient anti-interference ability, measures can be taken to strengthen and enhance the external anti-interference measures.

The relevant environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration, air and power supply should be taken into consideration when using the Multiplex Temperature Tester correctly.

1) Temperature: The temperature patrol instrument requires an environment temperature of 0-55℃, and should not be placed near heat source, and should be in a well-ventilated state for temperature dissipation.
2) Humidity: In order to ensure that the temperature patrol instrument has good insulation, the relative humidity should be less than 85% (no condensation).
3) Vibration: The temperature patrol instrument should be kept away from strong vibration sources as far as possible, in order to avoid continuous or frequent vibration at 10-55 Hz adversely affecting the temperature patrol instrument. If unavoidable, vibration damping measures can be taken, such as using the shockproof cushion.
4) Air: In order to ensure the normal operation of the temperature patrol instrument, the presence of corrosive and inflammable gases should be avoided, such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide; if atmosphere with more dust and corrosive gas, the temperature patrol instrument should be installed in a control room or control cabinet with better sealing.
5) Power supply: The temperature patrol instrument should use the 220V AC 50Hz power supply conforming to the design specification, and ensure the power supply is reliable and not have any great fluctuations.

The installation and wiring of the Multiplex Temperature Tester is an important task, and the following points should be noted when conducting the installation and wiring:
Firstly, check the integrity of its appearance, complete accessories and check its model and specifications according to the design regulations. During the installation process, any knocking or vibration should be avoided to make it firmly and smoothly installed. The cable (wire) laying should be done after the appearance inspection and conduction test, and use DC500V megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance, which should not be less than 5 megohm.

The cables (wires) should be laid in a straight line, neat and beautiful with the shortest route, and no crossed running. The power lines and signal lines of the temperature patrol instrument should be wired separately, and the signal lines should be separated from the high-power lines, if they can only be placed in one slot, separate the AC line, DC line and signal line. In addition, the Multiplex Temperature Tester adopts the “two-wire” single-channel wiring, the analog signal transmission uses shielded cable, and the shielding layer should be grounded at the instrument installation, and the grounding resistance should be about 1/10 of the shielding layer resistance.

Application scope of the Multiplex Temperature Tester:

The Multiplex Temperature Tester can be used in equipment such as home appliances, motors, electric heating appliances, transformers, ovens, and heat protectors for multi-point temperature field detection, providing an ideal tool for temperature rise testing of home appliance products. This Multiplex Temperature Tester is compatible with various temperature sensors, fast responding, and stable data; can set data and configure channels through the keyboard, and also has the function of break-down detection. It can simultaneously collect, alarm and communicate temperature data, providing great convenience for the home appliances manufacturer and quality inspection departments.


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