02 May, 2018

3M Integrating Sphere Test Results Comparison

Lisun engineers visited Barcelona recently, this visit was mainly to install the 3m Integrating Sphere Test System for the customer and provide training service.

This customer compared the test results of Lisun’s 3m Integrating Sphere Test System with the test results of Holophane(HEL) and LIA Laboratories. This customer provided 4 samples to the third lab. Compared with LIA Laboratories, our tolerance are controlled within 5%:

HAL – LED Highbay: 4.6%

VMX LED Luminarie: 2.3%

Corn Lamp: 2.5%

Platek – Target Medium Prioette LED Luminaries: 0.5%

The test report of Platek tested by Lisun 3m Integrating Sphere Test System

The test report of Platek tested by LIA Laboratories-1

The test report of Platek tested by LIA Laboratories-2

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