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02 Dec, 2015 1544 Views Author: root

The Development of Energy Management Control System in Japan

1. Japanese Lighting Market

According to Japan’s Lighting Industry Association (JLMA) statistics, lamps and lighting product development trend will be more and more closed to LED lamps products. As the end of 2014, LED lamps and lighting products in the proportion of shipments reached nearly 70% (view chart).

The Development of Energy Management Control System in Japan

And in the specific classification of LED lamps, the use of household products will account for 56% of the total amount of LED lamps the proportion of non household use is 39%. In 2015, LED shipments will reach to 83%.

2. Japanese energy management is imminent

In March 2011, the earthquake occurred in Japan, which led to the Fukushima nuclear power plant leak. Because of the damage to the nuclear power plant equipment, leading to the rapid decline in the local power, many public power facilities to stop working, which caused great inconvenience for the local people. At the same time, due to the lack of energy efficiency and other factors than the ordinary lighting, the accident is also a good opportunity to develop a rapid development of LED lighting products! At present, the market of lamps and lanterns products in Japan, the proportion of solid-state lighting products is only 62%, and the remaining non solid-state lighting products, the proportion of 38%. According to Japan’s lighting industry association’s forecast, as of 2020, the Japanese Lamps lighting products market will be completely replaced by solid-state lighting products.

The Development of Energy Management Control System in Japan

At the same time, due to the use of large quantities of solid-state lighting products, in Japan by the use of lighting products generated by the CO2 gas emissions will fall by about 30%.

The Development of Energy Management Control System in Japan

3. Development of next generation lighting products

To reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, the development of the industry needs to develop new markets, and expand the existing market. Lighting industry needs to turn to high value-added products, such as energy management system (EMS). The future development of the lighting industry should be dimming, color lighting automatic control system based on house, office and other places with natural, humane, energy saving and environmental protection lighting ecological system.

The Development of Energy Management Control System in Japan

Creating a lighting environment for improving illumination quality will be the most important in the future development of lighting. From a single lighting solution to the transformation of the system to address the way, from the previous emphasis on energy efficiency to emphasize the light quality transformation; continuous to create a comfortable living environment or upgrade the environmental facilities of high value-added products, such as EMS.

EMS achieving goal:
1 lower carbon dioxide emissions
2 sustainable development
3 connecting different products and Applications
4 easy to use in different standards or protocols

Lite ECHonET will be the most important standard in EMS. Lite ECHonET is used in the new generation of home network communication standards, by Japan’s major electronic equipment and home appliance enterprises and Tokyo Electric Power and other ECHONET ECHonET (Consortium) to carry out the management and development. It is characterized by the high degree of freedom of choice for the transmission media, and allows the compatibility with multiple devices and network standards.

Lite ECHonET will contribute to the development of EMS. Specific to the lighting can be divided into two types: one is the general lighting, which has high performance and functional lighting and can provide 22 kinds of new functions (using the sensor, color and other functions); the other is a single function of the lighting, it is easy to improve the lighting of 2 types of attributes (on / off, dimming function).

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