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Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Tester

Product No: WKS-1010

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  • Description
  • Application:

    It is used to test the percentage of mask material to eliminate bacteria-containing suspended particles at a specified flow rate. The simultaneous sampling method of dual gas channels is used to improve the accuracy of sampling and is suitable for the metrological verification department , Scientific research institutes, mask manufacturing enterprises and other relevant departments on the performance test of mask bacterial filtration efficiency.

    YY0469-2004、YY/T 0969-2013、ASTMF2100、ASTMF2101、EN14683

    Technical parameter:

    Main parameter

    parameter Range



    Channel A sampling flow



    Better than±2.5%

    Channel B sampling flow



    Better than±2.5%

    Spray flow



    Better than±2.5%

    Peristaltic pump flow



    Better than±2.5%

    Pressure in front of flowmeter A



    Better than±2.5%

    Pressure in front of flowmeter B



    Better than±2.5%

    Pressure before spray meter



    Better than±2.5%

    Surrounding temperature



    Better than±2.5%

    Aerosol negative pressure



    Better than±2.0%

    Cabinet negative pressure


    Data storage capacity


    Vortex mixer test tube specifications and quantity

    Φ16×150mmtube,8 pieces

    High efficiency air filter characteristics

    Filtration efficiency for particles above 0.3um ≥99.99%

    Aerosol generator mass median diameter

    3.0± 0.3μm,Geometric standard deviation is less than or equal to1.5

    Double channel 6 level Andersen

    I Level>7μm,Ⅱlevel4.7-7μm,

    Sampler captures particle size



    Aerosol chamber specifications

    60cm(L)*8.5 cm(Dia)* 3cm(Thickness)

    Total number of positive quality control sampler particles


    Ventilation flow of negative pressure cabinet


    Negative pressure door size W*D


    Host Size W*D*H


    Bracket size W*D*H

    1180*650*600mm,Adjustable height within 10 cm

    Instrument noise


    Total Weight

    About 150kg

    Working Power


    Power consumption


    Product Feature:

    • Negative pressure experiment system to ensure the safety of operators.
    • Negative pressure cabinet built-in peristaltic pump, A, B two-way six-stage Andersen.
    • The flow rate of the peristaltic pump can be set.
    • The flow rate of the special microbial aerosol generator night spray can be set, the atomization effect is good.
    • The embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control.
    • 10.4 inch industrial-grade high-brightness color touch display.
    • USB interface, support U disk data transfer.
    • The cabinet has built-in high-brightness lighting.
    • Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of the operator.
    • Insulation and flame retardancy between the inner and outer layers.
    • Front switch type glass door, which is convenient for experimenters to observe and operate.
    • Detachable bracket, the height of the bracket is adjustable.
    • Dual-purpose casters for supporting and moving.