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Portable X-ray Spectrometer | XRF Metal Analyzer | Alloy Gold Tester

Product No: EDX-3

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  • The EDX-3 Portable X-ray Spectrometer | XRF Metal Analyzer | Alloy Gold Tester can be used in the air to measure quickly, accurate, and non-destructively measure and identify various grades of stainless steel, tool steel, chromium/molybdenum steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, nickel/cobalt heat-resistant alloys, and titanium alloys, as well as approximate alloy compositions.

    EDX-3 Alloy Element Analysis

    • All elements in the Periodic Table of Elements from 16-S to to 92-U  are available for alloy analysis (iron, copper, stainless steel, Au (gold), Pt (platinum) , etc)
    • Alloy Grade Database: The built-in grade database covers over 400 different alloys. Users can choose from standard grade databases such as GB and UNS. Additionally, custom grade databases can be created, allowing for the addition of over 1000 alloy grades.
    • Detector: Equipped with imported high-precision Si-pin detector, the energy resolution can reach up to 145eV.
    • Excitation Source: 50kV/200uA, Ag target, integrated micro X-ray tube and high-voltage power supply, with a matching power of ≤4W.
    • Detection time: 5 seconds for identifying alloy grades, 20 seconds for providing accurate measurement results of major elements.
    • Detection performance: Detection limit reaches ppm level, RSD < 5%.
    • Screen display: The instrument screen is integrated with the main unit, featuring a high-performance LCD touch screen of no less than 5 inches. The screen is designed with a fixed angle to the body, not embedded in a PDA or tablet computer, allowing for sensitive touch operation with fingers.
    • High-performance processor and memory: CPU: Quad-core processor with a minimum frequency of 1.4GHz, memory not less than 4GB, onboard data hard drive of not less than 64GB, capable of storing over 200,000 sets of data and spectra.
    • Operating System: Industrial-grade customized operating system that allows seamless integration with common office software without the need for format conversion.
    • Data and Reports: The instrument is capable of automatically storing test data, and the test reports can be generated in four formats including Excel, BMP, PDF, and CSV. The instrument can transfer the test reports through USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Radiation Safety Settings and Warnings: The instrument has the following two functions simultaneously: a. Password protection; b. Automatic test stop within 2 seconds when there is no sample at the front end, ensuring absolute safety for the user; During the testing process, the working status of the radiation source is displayed in real-time through a high-light status indicator.
    • Testing Control Modes: The instrument can be set to operate in either one-key trigger testing mode or software control mode. It can also be remotely operated by connecting it to a computer.
    • Battery: The instrument adopts a rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for more than 8 hours on a single charge. The battery capacity is greater than 6000mAh, and it has a remaining power display function, allowing for easy on-site monitoring of the battery level.
    • Calibration: Equipped with standard calibration films for easy energy calibration.
    • Heat dissipation: Equipped with a heat-conductive structure and a cooling fan that facilitates heat dissipation, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the equipment at 50℃.
    • Instrument weight is less than 1.8 kg.
    • Radiation safety: The instrument’s radiation dose meets the “Health Protection Standards for X-ray Diffractometers and Fluorescence Analyzers” (GBZ 115-2002) and the “Basic Standards for Ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety” (GB 18871-2002) (with testing reports issued by third-party testing institutions accredited by CNAS or CMA).
    • Product reliability: The product has undergone reliability testing and trials conducted by authoritative third-party testing institutions, including CE certification, IP65 testing, and a 1.5m drop test.

    EDX-3 Typic Applications

    EDX-3 Typic Applications

  • EDX-3 Portable X-ray Spectrometer Test Report