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Voltage Spike Generator

Product No: DO160-S17

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  • Description
  • Voltage Spike Generator is fully meet RTCA DO-160 / Section 17 and MIL3-DO-160-S17 test requirements. It can be applied to the EUT ungrounded input power supply line at 2Hz pulse repetition frequency, which satisfies the linear adjustment of 100-600V pulse peak value.

    Voltage Spike Generator is based on Android platform. It has abundant functions, convenient operation, easy upgrade of software, convenient and simple operation process, intelligent control and simple operation.

    Test Voltage Range

    100V-600V (Continuously adjustable )

    Rise Time


    Pulse duration



    50Ω ± 10 %

    Output polarity

    Positive and negative

    Trigger in mode


    Pulse frequency

    Max 2Hz

    Series mode

    Built-in coupling transformer Max16A

    Output port

    4mm Plug

    Working power supply range

    AC 220V 50Hz



    Maximum power



    About 20Kg

    Temperature Range