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Magnetic Material Analyzer

Product No: UI9730

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  • • Parameters to be measured (absolute value): Measure hypo-class U, Iout, Hz, Hc, Br, Bm, Hm, Br /Bm, μm, magnetic core loss, B-H curve, U curve and I curve
    • Output capacity of the high frequency power: Uout: 1~300V, Iout: 0.05~5A, Pout: 300VA, frequency: 10~300kHz
    • Accuracy: 2%
    • With 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 40MHz, ensuring data precise and stable test result
    • Supermaximal database, suitable for almost all kinds of magnetic material in market, such as: circle, E, U, ETD-EER, JAR, RM, EP, PM, EL, ER, PQ, EFD, plane E, etc
    • Perfect software interface enables observation of curve in detail
    • Meet international test requirements for magnetic particle ASTM E1444, ASTM E709-08,UL1993 S, UL6500.

    Lee Yanan
    Lee Yanan
    Lee Yanan

    The product is very good, the service is very professional👍

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  • Magnetic Material Analyzer

  • ASTM E709 08 Standard Free Download ASTM E1444 05 Standard Free Download UL1993 S 2012 Standard Free Download