25 May, 2018

Customers from India and Malaysia Purchased Two Big Size Goniophotometer from LISUN

In the first half of 2018, LISUN sold two Big Size Goniophotometer: LSG-3000B Moving Detector Goniophotometer, one set of them has been shipped to the customer. The clients are a universities from India and a Laboratory organization from Malaysia.


LSG-3000B Moving Detector Goniophotometer completely meets LM-79 Clause 9.3.1 and EN13032-1 clause goniophotometer type 4 requirements. The LSG-5000 is an automatic light distribution intensity 3D curve testing system for measuring light. It can measure all types of lighting sources, LED or HID luminaires such as indoor and outdoor luminaires, roadway luminaires, street lamps, flood lights and other kinds of luminaires. Measurement: Luminous Intensity Data, Luminous Intensity Distribution, Zonal Luminous Flux, Luminaries Efficiency, Luminance Distribution, Coefficient Of Utilization, Luminance Limitation Curves Glare, Maximum Ratio of Distance to Height, Equal Illuminance Diagrams, Curves of Luminaires VS Lighting Area, Isocandela Diagrams, Efficient Luminescence Angle, EEI, UGR and etc. You can learn more about it on: /product-id-210.html


Many thanks to our customers for your trust and support to LISUN. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with better products, better prices and better services!


Here are some photos of the LSG-3000B Moving Detector Goniophotometer:

Figure 1: Mirror part of LSG-3000B

Figure 2: Bracket part of LSG-3000B

Figure 3: Probe part of LSG-3000B

Figure 4: The Cabinet of LSG-3000B


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