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Precision Photometric Calibration System

Product No: PRC-XM

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  • Description
  • Precision Photometric Calibration System applys to inspection, measurement and calibration of illuminance, brightness, chromaticity distribution and other Photochromic instruments such as illuminance meter, brightness meter, spectroradiometer, spectrometer, probe, etc. It is a necessary equipment for photometric laboratories and photometric institutions. This system meets the requirements of JJG211-2005 <Luminance Meter Verification Regulations>, JJG245-2005 <Illuminance Meter Verification Regulations>, JJG246 <Luminous Intensity Standard Lamp Verification Regulations> and JJG879-2002 <Ultraviolet Illuminance Meter Verification Regulations>,etc.

    System Configuration:

    Model and Specifications Quantity
    1. Precision optical guide 8 meters
    2. Standard Intensity Light Source with reflector (400W) (with CNAS calibration certificate) 2 set
    3. LS2050 Digital Power Meter (0.2 grade AC/DC, with CNAS calibration certificate) 1 set
    4. DC16012 Programmable Switching DC power supply (with CNAS calibration certificate) 1 set
    5. F4 standard whiteboard (with CNAS calibration certificate) 1 set
    6. Standard Intensity Light Source with reflector (150W) (with CNAS calibration certificate) 2 set
    7. Transmissive standard color plate (One in each of red, orange, yellow, green and blue filter) (with CNAS calibration certificate) 1 set
    8. Rail fixing device (3 shading plates, 1 probe fixing device, 1 standard lamp fixing device) 1 set

    Remarks: The length of the optical rail can be customized.

    Darkroom and studio size requirements: 3m(W)*10m(L) or more (depending on the length of the optical rail), or design according to the size of the lamp under test and the actual space of the laboratory. Used to place rails. All walls, ceilings and floors in the room are painted with matt black paint; Control the ambient temperature to reach the standard value according to the lamp test environment requirements of IEC.

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