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Mask ventilation resistance and pressure differential tester

Product No: WKS-3102

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  • Description
  • Mask ventilation resistance and pressure differential tester is used to measure the inhalation and exhalation resistance of mask under specified conditions. Applicable to mask manufacturers, labor protection equipment inspection agencies to carry out related testing and inspection of mask products, mask breath resistance tester, breathing valve air tightness tester, breath resistance machine for measuring respirator and mask protection products in Inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance under specified conditions.

    Applicable standards:

    • Compatible with labor protection masks and daily protective masks standards.
    • GB 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks.
    • YY 0469-2011 Medical surgical mask.
    • GB2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment, Self-suction filtering anti-particulate respirator.
    • GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specifications of daily protective masks.

    Performance characteristics:

    •    7-inch color touch screen, easy to operate;
    •  The instrument consists of a regulated flow system, a standard human head model, inspiratory and expiratory piping systems, and respiratory resistance measurement system, etc.
    • High-precision flow sensor, without force compensation, to ensure the accuracy of test results.
    • The flow sensor has high zero-point stability, with full-range high stability and excellent repeatability.
    • The Micromanometer sensor adopts two-wire system, with high precision and good stability; it adopts explosion-proof design and is safe and reliable.
    • Micromanometer sensor range, Continuously adjustable external zero point, Adjustable damping, No mechanical moving parts, Less maintenance work.
    •  The whole instrument adopts special air path conversion elements, which ensures the exhalation and inhalation two-pipe system conversion is fast and convenient.
    • The device is equipped with a micro printer, which can print the test results in time.
    • The data is stored in the U disk, which is convenient for data output and transmission.



    Flowmeter range

    0 L/min~100L/min



    Host power

    220VAC 50Hz

    Net weight