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Pulse Start Generator for High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Product No: LPSG60662

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  • Description
  • The start-up test of the special lights pulse start generator is for lighting class industry such as high pressure sodium, it is according to IEC60662: 2011 and GB/T13259-2005 standard requirements.


    Wave Generator Superimposed on the sine wave pulse discharge waveform
    Open Circuit Output Voltage 0.1 ~ 3kv
    Burst Period 20ms
    Polarity Positive polarity
    Phase Shift Sync: 0° to 360° and the step value is 1°
    Output Impedance 40Ω
    Coupling / Decoupling Network Includes a 16A single phase CDN
    Power AC220V (Option 110V) ±10%, 50/60Hz

    •It can start testing for various types of lighting
    •High pressure waveform forming circuit imports of high-pressure discharge switch, to ensure the stability of the equipment to work long hours the reliability and discharge waveform
    •Parameters upgrade enterprise testing standards
    •User self test mode (host storage key / read the key).