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MOS Transistor Selector

Product No: UI9610

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  • Description
  • MOS with superior performance has now been widely used in electronic ballasts, energy-saving lamps were. But power MOS test screening, matching problem. It is difficult due to a lack of corresponding inspection means that many enterprises do not have to engage seriously in quality control as well as the effect of product consistence and reliability. The equipment in a unique program designed to solve the power MOS test problem containing micro-processing, intelligent a few significant simple application.
    • UI9610 MOS Transistor Selector test parameters and ranges:
    1) threshold voltage UGS (th): 0.1~9.9V
    2) internal resistance RDS: 0.1~ 9.9Ω
    3) transconductance gm: 0.30~5.00S
    4) withstand voltage U (BR)DS: 50~650V
    • Freely setting limit of qualification judgement, automatically saving in case of any power cut, and alarming when measured value exceeds limit