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27 Oct, 2016 1406 Views Author: root

The Temperature and Humidity Test Equipment of LED

Due to the LED light source manufacturing technology development, widely application layer surface, so in order to ensuring the safety of consumers, UL established UL8750 for LED module and lighting lamps and lanterns and safety standards to regulate the LED lighting products. This standard is the industry sales LED products to North America essential safety norms, apply to the LED as the main source of various products, including lamps, bulbs, drives, etc. And in the future, not only focus on the safety norms of LED lighting products , but more should be concerning the special properties of LED light source and the module for validation.

There are many test parameters of LED, as the basic parameters are: Color temperature, color rendering index beam, luminous flux, voltage, current total power and temperature, humidity and so on. Only to test temperature and humidity has several kinds of equipments, such as: LED constant temperature and humidity test chamber LED, LED High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber, high temperature aging test chamber, etc.

LED Constant temperature and humidity test chamber: Also known as environmental testing machine, testing various materials heat-resistant, hardy and resistant to dry, and humidity performance.

LED High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber: Used to simulate the product in bad environment, such as the temperature shock test and fast-changing temperature test in a wide range such as aviation, air space, electronic components and material research.

LED High temperature aging test chamber: Used to simulate the evaluation and determination of electrical and electronic products or material’s storage and use adaptability under the conditions of high temperature environment , to check the test equipment’s temperature tolerant under the highest working temperature condition, through this test can find out the stability of the parts problems in high temperature , and reduce product factory repair rate.


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