Salt Spray Test Machine

Product No: YWX/Q-010

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Product Description

The Salt Spray Test Machine/Chamber is applicable to the salt spray corrosive test for the protection layer of components, parts, electronic and electrical parts and metal materials and industrial products.

Model Work Room Size (mm) Exterior Size (mm) Voltage Power (KW)
YWX/Q-150 590x470x400 1070x800x1050 1Phase/220V 2.5
YWX/Q-250 1000x640x500 1400x870x1150 1Phase/220V 3.5
YWX/Q-750 1100x750x500 1680x1030x1260 1Phase/220V 4.5
YWX/Q-010 1300x1000x600 2000x1160x1390 3Phase/380V 6.5
YWX/Q-016 1600x900x720 2320x1280x1500 3Phase/380V 9.5
YWX/Q-020 2000x1000x800 2530x1220x1410 3Phase/380V 11


• The Salt Spray Test Machine is made of transparent materials so that the operator can see the tested sample in it and the spraying situation of the tested sample.
• A waterproof structure is adopted between the chamber cover and chamber body, thus there is no salt spray overflow.
• Adopts the tower spraying system and equipped with the salt solution filter system and non-crystal nozzle so as to realize even salt spray distribution and freely adjustable settlement.
• It meets the following standards: IEC60068-2-11 (GB/T2423.17), GB/T10125, ISO9227, ASTM-B117, GB/T2423-18, IEC 60068-2-52, ASTM-B368, MIL-STD-202, EIA-364-26, ASTM-B117, GJB150, DIN50021-75, ISO3768, 3769, 3770; CNS 3627, 3885, 4159, 7669 etc.